Full Mechanics of new Legendary Affixes incl. Bugs and a QoL changes

Correct, I was testing solo Tal Chantodo Cain’s on stream and saw as high as 7 keys drop from one RG kill. Limited number of rifts tested (maybe 20 or so), but I saw very few 3 key rifts after putting on Cain’s.

I will see if I can pull a highlight clip later to share.


Ty for confirming! <3

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But does that outweigh the slower Rift completion time over time? If you average 1 extra key per rift on t16, but complete rifts 30% slower, I think you’d lose keys over time?

Still, it’s a viable choice in multiplayer or ZDPS builds in t16 rifts, assuming that’s a thing. At least it’s some kind of option.

:sob: how can that be okay :cry:

Missing t


I’d consider this also a bug. DHs got Wohjanni last season (which adds 3000% dibs damage)
So you can get 3mi + more sheet damage as Rapidfire DH with Aughild and Crimson - but it wouldn’t add any damage at all (or >2%). That’s cleary bugged and not understandable.

DIBS shouldn’t be used with sets - it is complicated - like what does +15% skill modifier do if you get +50% more DIBS damage? It is also bad for group play because all your buffed DIBS damage might not mean anything. Sure these 150+ groups will figure that out - but not average players.

Aughilds and crimson should work as a unique modifier - like all sets do - if cc3 is to strong - just lower the buff.

DIBS is an oversight IMO - in former patches we got rid of it mostly - now they are bringing it back. New Devs? Wohjanni’s bug is inherited from last patch - but it needs to get fixed - because now wohjanni +aughild and/or crimson don’t work together at all.

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Most welcome!
The clip with 7 keys is at the start of this video:

If your Cain’s build is going 25% slower, then in general, no, it’s not worth putting on a Cain’s setup. However, there are other factors to consider (utility, power, ease of use, group play).

For most classes, Cain’s will not be worth going for near the beginning of a season.

For example, in testing, the Tal Chantodo Sage build was only getting about 3-4 minute clears in T16. However, upon boosting the power (going from ~1000 paragon, no trapped equipped, less augments, ~10k INT, to 1300 paragon, lvl 100 Trapped equipped, more augments, ~16k INT), I was getting similar clear times (maybe still 20-30s slower on average as compared to Cold Vyr Chantodo), but this still puts Cain’s within range of being worth configuring if you really want to use it later on in season. Notably though, this setup would not have enough damage to run in group, IMO.

There are other considerations. The Tal+Chant+Cain’s build is unable to place Avarice band, which makes it much harder to gear out. Even with 10+ pickup, it can still be bothersome to scoop up orbs on occasion, and you will likely have less Gold% secondaries.

Generally the CDR and AS gearing is more strict with this build, and this makes it harder to configure properly.

I would expect other classes to have similar quirks and issues.

Really great work here, sVr. Thanks for taking the time to post this! I can’t address all your points here, but here’s a couple updates.

Squirt’s Necklace

  • Re: Adding an icon. Something we’re looking into doing.
  • Sent over bug re: DR


  • Asking about intent on working w/ Follower. Will, heh, follow up.

Echoing Fury

  • Phew, lots here.
  • Mostly I have a lot of questions/bug reports out on this one. No updates yet.

Flavor of Time

  • There is definitely a bug here. The intent is that only players wearing the necklace receive the double duration, regardless of who clicks the Pylon.

Stone Gauntlets

  • The description is purposefully vague, to match other items in the game with similar mystery. Some people like the puzzle, others don’t, and that’s okay. Happy to send this feedback either way!
  • Sending the other reported bugs along too

Actually, for that matter, I’m sending most if not all of this along (I usually link threads directly in my reports), but wanted to share what I could clarification-wise while I have it.

That was basically the intent; more of a late-game, “I need to make it rain GRift keys” build maker for setting yourself up for pushes. :slight_smile:


I was expecting it to work like Nemesis Bracers where only if a pylon or shrine is clicked with them equipped then it would apply the modifier. In this case, it would double the pylon buff time for all. That brings up a question, do the gloves of worship do the same? I haven’t tested it…

Gloves of Worship only benefit the wearer, but it does not matter who clicks the shrine, unlike Nemesis.

Flavor of Time is supposed to work the same way as Gloves of Worship.


Wtf. No, it’s not okay! Why always punish solo even further?


It is actually okay sorry to say. By putting it on a follower and having it actually work for the follower; everyone just wears it for solo pushing w/o any sacrifice or decision making at all. It’s just free damage for all.

So is stacking season circles in multiplayer. We don’t have that in solo. There is nothing wrong with items working on followers. It’s actually bad game design that most items don’t proc on followers.


Thanks sVr :+1:

BTW, wondering can those “Shields” help to keep the buff of Squirt’s Necklace, has anyone test it?

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Yes it does. I’ve already tested this and you have the potential of getting up to 8 keys.

Squirt’s Necklace: The 10 secs ramp up is way too long and I’d suggest it to be matched with endless walk set and scales dynamically over 5 secs.
Bug: current even if you have a damage absorption shield the stacks don’t reset only on physical damage taken and reset on affixes hitting the character.



You have answered a question about Squirts which I was about to test.

Very nice write up.

I think allowing executioner to work on follower would be a nice buff to solo play. Groups are already several times more effective. It just doesnt make sense to me why buffing multiplayer even further


If this (and what the Blue above) posted was actually true, the developers wouldn’t have built in the limitation on Shield and Conduit. That was their approach from a balance perspective.

If the intention now is that only the wearer gets the benefit well…I guess this’ll be good for far fewer instances, unless the necklace can be relatively easily worked into push builds and more.

Did you miss the part where they said it was bugged?

Did you not read my post? Specific behavior like that is not a ‘bug’. It may have been a developer oversight, but that’s something else. It was specifically programmed for, hence not a ‘bug’.

Not working as intended, and “Oversight in Programming” means bug to me. It was not “specifically programmed” to work that way because she said exactly that. It was a an oversight when they programmed it.

If you want to call it something else, I guess that is up to you, but I call it a bug if it was never intended to work that way.

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