Full-Mana Challenge


I’ll probably build a new sorceress in each ladder season, but I will also keep a non-ladder one with the following constraint : spend ALL attribute points into energy (i.e no single point in str/dex/vit).

Of course, it won’t be as powerful as a “standard” character, but it doesn’t matter, I like this idea (don’t judge me ^^).

So, could you please help me to define the (long-time) stuff and skills I could expect for this special build ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Make a three elemental sorceress.

Not all powerful, but can beat all monsters on Hell with some time, spend 10 points on the main attack skills.

If you are VERY LUCKY and you obtain a Perfect Torch and Perfect Annihilus, you can obtain 50 points of Strength, +one small charm with 5 points, you can wear a Mage Plate, so a Enigma Mage Plate can make you have good defense with the best exceptional light armor of the game.

You probably can wear a Heart of the Oak as your main weapon.

I think you can gamble for self repairing ethereal armor. If you’re really lucky, it might have good mods as well. Just remember to gamble on the lightest, highest level armors first.

An ethereal breastplate is a great match, even if you can’t repair it, because it generally gets really nice mods, and lasts quite a while.

You might also get some good results with reduced requirements jewels or runes.