Frost SS Build S18

Hey Folks, This is Ryker… nah J/k, it’s me hehe (Inside joke for people who know his YouTube Video).

I’ma go with this build next season.
Let me know what you would Twick.

Access D3 Planner: 838062871
(Can’t put link yet)

Few things that are not included in the build. when you look at damage output;

  • DPS: 2,579,186,558,844
  • Damage: 902,715,295,596
  1. Ruthless (It is not 100% applicable)
  2. Rampage (It is not 100% applicable)
  3. Bane of the Stricken (15 stack only)
  4. Conventions of Elements (It is not 100% applicable)

Few things that you included in the build. when you look at Higher damage output;

  • DPS: 9,654,969,347,078
  • Damage: 3,379,239,271,477
  1. Ruthless (It is not 100% applicable)
  2. Rampage (25 stacks)
  3. Bane of the Stricken (15 stack only)
  4. Conventions of Elements (On ICE rotation)

All this sound wonderful on paper but getting all perfect gear is equal to impossible. You will have to cut corner at some points and few items affix will not get in there.

Obviously, a lot of people will argue with few skills to change as the way of play style. Me personally, I’m lazy and I like my 3 guards in front tanking and providing me with permanent full fury. I don’t need to rely on rotation and I can spam 100% and never ran out of fury. You could actually swap skill: Ruthless to Berserker Rage. In case of GR Guardian, you have 100% up time 25%, instead of 40%(at 30% below).

Dmg reduction: 86%

Survival is always critical higher GR, so I believe there is potential. I previously use to wear Fury of the Ancients as Shoulder with IK set 1 set bonus (for permanent up time, and add extra rune so you can swap for Together as One as suitability) but Crimson come into play now. A lot of damage Added/reduction at same time. Sound wonderful.

It’s my Favorite build. I like to share with you.

I think you’re using Prokhan’s Pro-Slam build:

D3 planner link build is missing some items and it is not optimized. It does not look like pro-slam.

However, I need to check the new craftable items and see if there is any further new potential for “Pro-Slam” (thanks to people calling it with my initials eventhough there were few others that used a similar setup in the past).

I took a quick look at the new crafted items and didn’t see any potential upgrade for either version I have of the build.

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It’s similar. I explained in detail Free… IK is the part I removed because it’s losing tone of damage.

2 things that could be modified;

Band of Might could be used for more damage reduction (that would be permanent 70-80%) vs 50% while moving.

If you do that, new Amulet or hellfire could be ideal.