From Brandy (see gameplay)



First thoughts:

  • Game has a console like overall feel
  • World events like in MMOs seems cool
  • Hardcore mode (if any) will be a thrilling experience
  • Runes from D2 are back
  • Gameplay and combat are very smooth
  • The world design and art is good
  • UI is bad
  • World map is cool
  • Druid is a bad boy
  • Barb is kind of skinny
  • Soso looks more like a bad Witch
  • Appearance customization is nice
  • Itemization looks like an advanced D3 one
  • Skill system is like a mix from D2 and D3
  • Talent tree is like PoE ascendancy passives
  • New player tips are annoying
  • Quest tracking seems good
  • Cutscenes are done properly
  • Shadows and lighting are super realistic
  • Water flow needs some improvement
  • Monster AI is bad
  • Boss fights seem like D3
  • SoJ is a legendary item again
  • Soso’s Blizzard skill needs some love
  • The white thing in the menu turned out to be a wolf
  • Ashava is a reference to Kitava?
  • I miss elite affixes from D3

My overall score for the demo: 9/10.

I am hyped (officially)!


Skill bar
Gear & inventory

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To be perfectly honest, the art style of the NPC and character portraits reminds me of Icewind Dale more than anything else. That is a good thing.


That doesn’t sound good…I could be wrong though. Are there actual elemental damage mechanics in game or is it just colors like in D3? The ui looks so console driven to me.

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There is a skill tree AND runes. They are not the Diablo 2 skill tree and runes, but they ARE in the game. Runes appear to be replacing gems.


Are you sure? No runewords?

Yes, I expected something evolved, not depending much on Math, sadly no. The metagame will rule D4 too.

I am awaiting so much more of the skills tree and talents. Up to now it look a bit too similar to D3 in my opinion. The game is looking nice though. But i hope they get far away from how skills we’re in D3 and make it look more like D2.

But it’s still soon, so i hope when it get closer to release that they’ll manage to convince me.

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There is no way to know at this point, though I would wager “yes” to Runewords when all is said and done. What I’m saying is that the sockets in items appear to be for runes specifically.

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Diablo 3.5 with cartoonish dumbled down engine.
Pseudo-skill trees
Console-like interface

I’m waiting they anounce ingame store where you can buy soulstones to unlock more wolves.

BTW where’s Diablo anyway?

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Are you serious ? D3 is even worst in the cartoonish department lol

Looks pretty nice, but:

I do wish they would get a little more creative with the skills. The Sorceress skills look stripped directly from D3, even down to their appearances. Some overlap is fine, but need some new stuff.

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That chat is funny. Look at all the insecure kids in it bashing the game because it is so much better than what they have now :smiley: Bad trolls are bad.

I think they could have waited for this demo to be honest.

-Graphic look pretty darn cool
-Talents !!?? Nice! Well if they offer anything cool to play with.
-Items look dumbed down ? Maybe it’s only because it’s a way too early demo. But i sure hope they have more to offer than a simple dots or +1 to skills. they don’t even look like having stats anymore.
-Has anyone seen gems till now lol ??? We have rune but i hope gems are still in the game.(Crit chance after drinking a potion ain’t really an interesting runeword either lol)

But yeah im out, no point debating this now when there is so much time left before it get completed. I just have mixed feeling about this.

In the live stream you could use a conditional (use health potion) in combined with a higher % critical chance for several second from the live stream link earlier.

Thanks for the thread. I honestly think the game looks better on stream than it did in the trailer. Footage is obviously from lowers levels and we all know ARPG gameplay changes drastically the more you advance. Despite that, I think it looks good already and I have no doubt that gameplay-wise it’ll be impeccable.

My concern is with the skills, talents and itemization. This is where I don’t trust Blizzard to get it right.


Well, from the demo it looks like improved D3 version. Not bad, but not optimal for sure.

Oh, btw, there wasn’t a PARAGON system ROFL.


They said runewords in the presentation, and showed equipping them, so we shall see I guess.

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The drowned witch reminds me of Merveil from POE, even her attacks look similar…

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