Frenzy build with cubed scourge, recommended?

im playing a barbarian (duh) and im not really following a guide this time, just doing what feels good.
i got the undisputed champion, Wrath of the Berserker and frenzy works great for me with cubed scourge.

but when i looked at popular builds, i dont see something like that anywhere.
is it a bad build ?

*im still collecting stuff. really trying to get better legs. for set.

Hi Frog,

Scourge is not generally going to help you out with a Frenzy build based around the Horde of 90 Savages (aka H90) set, because this set buffs only Frenzy damage, not anything else. And after the PTR buff is implemented, when you hit with Frenzy, you will do 201x damage, but when you hit with anything else, you will do only 1x damage.

So, I’m sorry to say, yes, in terms of build power, H90 Frenzy with Scourge is a very bad build. If you wanted to get a bit more value from Scourge, you’d be better off setting up a Frenzy build based around the Legacy of Dreams (LoD) gem. This gem buffs ALL damage, not just Frenzy, so it will make your Scourge hit much harder.

Or, if you want to play Frenzy in the optimal way, I have a quite detailed guide to the build, here.

However you choose to play it: good luck!


apparently i had azure and oath. so i put them on and went into a rift…

i felt like superman !, the azure dont have strength and i have much less hp per hit, but the speed and damage so much superior. and with wotb, its not even fair.

i wonder where this build can go when i actually get good gear.

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All frenzy builds need bastion’s revered in the weapon cube slot. Otherwise, you have pretty much no AoE except for the blood rage bloodshed rune explosion on crit hits. Bastion also increases your survivability and single target damage because it provides 5 more frenzy stacks.

Bastion’s really only provides extra damage and toughness. The AoE even with Bastion’s basically comes almost entirely from BR: Bloodshed.

If they got rid of the “chain” entirely, and just changed the affix to “Frenzy now stacks up to 10 times and deals 100% additional damage per stack”, H90 Frenzy would immediately become a much stronger build. Bonus points if you can figure out why (I’ve given the answer in a bunch of places, if you want to go searching).

But, that would actually be a really bad change. More bonus points if you can figure out why that is.

Anyway, setting all that aside: yep, all Frenzy builds ought to be using Bastion’s Revered, either holding it (suboptimal) or in the cube (optimal).

I know. I have repeatedly suggested that frenzy should be buffed through the damage split coming from Bastion’s Revered, not from a buff to the 6p bonus. Start at some number like +300% bonus per damage split applied to a nearby target and tune from there.

That would be way too strong. Forget S-tier. Hell, forget T and U tiers as well. That build would be V tier for “Very broken”- stronger in non season than LoD WoL Monk is in season 27.

Personally, I’m glad that Frenzy isn’t very good at AoE. I’m generally against attempts to homogenize all builds into being good at everything…

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