Freeze, disconnect, etc

I wrote a similar report in Technical Support, but after I wrote it, I realized Mac Tech. Support existed. So I am writing this report. I have used a desktop iMac for many years playing Diablo 2 and 3. And I have had the problem of freeze, disconnect, etc. since April, 2021. In some cases, my hero was killed or lost all the credit from Pools of Reflection when the game was restarted. Two months later, things are not getting any better, although the problem of slow inventory has been corrected. This morning I started to play Diablo 3 again, and had to restart from the last check point twice because of a freeze-disconnect. When it happened for the third time, I quit playing the game in disgust. I purchased a new iMac past December (2020) with Intel i7, AMD 5500XT with 16 GB RAM, which I consider well above average among the players. But I am amazed that most players seem to keep playing the game happily when I look at the Forums. I have cleaned up my DNS as in, consulted with Apple senior advisors and with my antivirus software manufacturer. Those technical people helped me but the problem still persists. I am wondering if Blizzard is doing anything to correct the problem.