FRAGment of destruction lethal through ALL procs

so im not sure if this was brough up in previous posts.
but the 2% max life damage you take will kill you through all procs.
several tests after losing my vision farmer lol,
if you apply too many marks and dont kill them before they expire, it will kill you through all follower and skill procs.
the no marks applied below 35% doesnt matter much since you will still take the damage from previous marks still active.
just something to think about if you’re farming nephs and visions with it in for move speed

I think in theory it’s meant for 4p zBarb only or any 2-3p Charge Barbarian (movement speed) with fixated Relentless passive and Moratorium gem. However, equipping FoD and Moratorium together, simply sacrificing a large sum of potential damage so you need something like Shi Mizu or Irontoe to go with that. I have no idea if this can work solo to replace Wreath of Lightning-Vile Ward variant of Raekor-IK, but my guess is not.

I reckon other classes who doesn’t have the luxury of Relentless passive, need to equip Rogar’s ring, some source of absorbing barrier and perhaps Chaingmail armor if they ever want to use FoD beside Moratorium. I can not see that Soulshard being used at high tier clears besides that are in groups though.

As quoted from maxroll:

  • Warning: 2% HP loss when a Mark of Destruction expires can bypass cheat death effects.

Simply don’t take any kind of cheat death passive with that Soulshard. Get damage mitigation passives instead.

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Zdh metas use 10% execute fragment
barbs use fragment too
pretty much all supports use it.
most neph builds also use it for the MS since: God dh, water monk, horsey sader, WW barb, mundunugus wd, chicken, etc dont need the damage from hatred or terror to blast through.

sure play HC without cheat death…
damage mitigation doesnt work properly if you end up making that mistake on cooldowns or freezing from the janky servers on oce atm

Use emerald in your Weapon socket for T16 farming. Any set build can smash T16 without a Shard.

In addition, you can drop the helm soulstone for Diamond and get the extra gems if your follower has the Broken Crown. Otherwise, the extra gems won’t come if you’re using a helm soulstone.


Shard of sin +1 progression orb for t16 key farmings. No one uses normal gems in weapons, Some uses normal gem in helm for broken crown.

Well, if the Shard is inadvertently killing your HC char, it might be worth the 1 progress orb to switch to a Emerald. Plus the OP said he was using the build for Visions which the orb bonus is meaningless for.

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You can do that, consider that a challenge for optimizing your character for survival. All classes have sort of damage mitigation passive and they tend to work consistent enough. When you have high life recovery and mitigation, things will work better than relying on cheat death at the long run. Problem is, reaching that spot where you barely need cheat death procs won’t be any easy and progress will be slower.

Fragment of Destruction can only be socketed to helmets, just like other prime evil themed Shards.

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My bad. Then OP can put a gem in their hat.

Pretty much everyone that plays HC seriously uses a cheat death. No matter how well you make your character, there are mechanics in the game that can 1 shot you.

Don’t bother arguing with him. I think he mentioned somewhere that his highest GR clear was in the 120’s or so. He doesn’t run high GR’s, so he doesn’t know what it takes to run those and he thinks if you can build your character to run GR 120 a certain way, then you can run that same build in higher GR’s even though, that’s not how this game works.


To illustrate, he once argued with dmkt about whether one could make a build with items with proc’s like Thunderfury and others and do High GR’s with it. dmkt told him you couldn’t but nak was insistent that you could even though he couldn’t himself.

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The term “proc”; Programmed Random Occurrances, is not limited to Thunderfury only. Certain top play items such as Etched Sigil, Won Khim Lau and Wizardspike also “proc” other effects when specifics fit. I was mentioning how LoD and LoN builds work and how they put use to proc effects in conjunction to high damage burst skills.

You haven’t really read anything.

I meant it as a challenge…

This is when S28 Altar turned out to be the highest power ever soared in Seasons. As part of a challenge which includes few rulesets, Wudijo attempted to get rid of cheat death completely to clear GR140+. I’m not sure if this can be replicated in S30 but nobody forces you to oblige an additional imaginary set of rules but yourself. You can keep the cheat death on your Follower abilities and nobody would find it weird or out of place.
Can you get one shot? Can you get a badly timed disconnect? Sure, but it’s still part of the game mode as both has equal chance.

And that is fine. I set challenges outside of the standard “push LB’s” for myself pretty much every season, but when you say:

that is incorrect. The amount of damage mitigation and LOH you would have to add to swap that cheat death passive for a fourth death passive is definitely not worth it, otherwise, no one would use it.

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I shouldn’t have word it like that. If you picked cheat death, when you already have good recovery it will save you from certain death and get you out. Compared to what mitigation passives offer, which is around 20-25% effective health boost against certain circumstances; cheat deaths leaving you with 25-35% max health from a fatal hit, still a better deal. I won’t be denying it.

However, going past this, if something bypasses cheat death, the Fragment of Destruction as mentioned by OP, what’s the second best option you have? Besides not picking FoD at the first place. You’d obviously want to use Templar for his healing capacity and grab a damage mitigation passive instead of cheat death. Because only Moratorium could slow the process of FoD, and it also breaks cheat deaths. There’s a chance that they don’t even interact because FoD deals self-damage.

Not using FoD is the option. Just did a quick check on all the builds that are the tops on all the HC LB’s for every set and no-set. Not one uses FoD. Most use Sliver of Terror and a few use Shard of Hatred. It doesn’t look like it is necessary for pushing and no Shard is required for T16 farming, so simply skip it.

nobody is using FoD for pushing, its a support or movespeed boost for rifts.
offers nothing but death if you’re going to play it in a pushing build