Found cursed peat need help now ps4

in right now ps4 t10 7:09pm 03-18-23 name Questor_of_stuff

All the tutorials say to do Cursed Peat but with the 50% reduced # of mobs on the console version of D3, I’m not sure it’s possible. We tried it a half dozen times with 2 necros and 2 GoD DH’s and the mobs just WOULD NOT appear fast enough. Our highest number was 304. Just another way console gets gimped. We’re probably going to give up and do the 20 bosses in 20 minutes conquest. That’s the last thing we need for our Season Journey.

Why do difficult ones?

There’s already 3 easy ones:

  • T10 or higher rift in less than 2 minutes (all you need is GoD DH and a bit of luck with maps)
  • 3 gems to level 65
  • 6 sets GR55 (3 or 4 on console for some reason)
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it is easy with just one Multishot, if set-up to not lose resources and you have to stand in one special spot or it won’t work.

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I was wondering if it was bugged on console as I’ve previously had no issues with it on PC.

I’m running the MS set up. As long as I have targets to hit I can shoot indefinitely. I’ve had 4 tries at it and the best I’ve been able to get is 308. Where exactly is the special spot?

I’ve been doing Chiltara runs and then porting over to find the Cursed Peat event. When I finally get the gibbering gemstone and if I haven’t finished the Cursed Peat challenge I’ll just go for the GR55 set one.

it is extremely easier to do on PC, like everything else in this game., but it is doable.

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rubbish, it is doable. I did it solo this season, and several seasons before, both SC and HC. Solo. You have to know your build(s) and you have to spec your gear a specific way. There’s also an ideal spot that you should stand. Here you go:

I wouldn’t say easy - the nerfs to console spawn rates and wave rates does make it MUCH MUCH MUCH harder.

Watch my video quoted above.

So I didn’t see these thread updates but last night we coordinated on voice chat to do 16 bosses in 20 minutes. We got it on the 3rd try thanks to IcyVeins walkthrough and now we’re all done with our Season.

One of us in the group already finished their Season because they did 3x GR55 so I guess that’s some kind of bug/feature of console as you said.

Thanks for sharing this video. Seems like you had to do a LOT of tuning to get your DH to be able to do this including rerolling a bunch of alternate items and changing everything around to not run out of resources. We tried 2 Necros w/ Trag’oul Nova build and 2 DH GoD and highest we got was 304. On PC I’ve seen videos of 600 mobs so reduced mob spawns IS an issue on this fight. C’est la vie.

We did the 16 bosses in 20 min last night and finished our season.

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Yes. I made the mistake several times of using the witching hour belt, but realised that it’s IAS was draining my hatred faster. So, switched back to goldwrap and much better. And this was with the RCR rolled on several pieces of gear. Running out of hatred will guarantee failing on this conquest. I usually just keep a 2nd set of UE set pieces etc for this conquest. That way, I’m not mucking with my main set. I’ve helped many other people with this conquest over the years.

That is also a very easy conquest, which I do with my s6 impale DH. Very minor changes to my passive skills and companion skill, but no gear changes are required. It can be done solo with UE MS, but is a p.i.t.a imho. ymmv…

Still grabbing paragon this season, currently at p1400, but will make a semi final push on the LBs - currently have a GR128 clear with near 7 minutes to spare that was done at p900 and with average gear. Should push into the top 5 SC DH UE MS LBs (ignoring the masses of cheats). Modding has killed this game on the PS4. Blizzard should be ashamed of themselves for standing by and not doing anything about it. They’ve ruined the gaming experience for legit players like myself.

Wait, so it’s not just me who got the conquest completed on less than six sets? I thought I was going bonkers with the Raekor set refusing to register, and then I got the rewards anyway.