Forum suggestion to lessen a flaw:

True enough. We can see there were too many identical threads about the similar subjects and nothing was done on those threads.

Right now we’re getting a touch of variety due to the pending PTR, but you can pretty much bet 6+ weeks into the next season it’ll just be more people prattling about trade, yet more D2 clone’isms, standard hardcores (or “fans”) crapping on casuals, the 300th Vic thread where he does what Vic does, etc…

So, while I’m all for interesting chatter, a lot of that is dependent on Blizzard actually setting the mood between more D3 content or legitimately pertinent back and forth about D4. With Covid doing its thing, it’s obvious we’re starved for both and that won’t really be changing anytime soon, and quite likely getting worse.

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This is probably a rhetorical question. It’s not possible to answer with an exact count. You’d have to ask everyone what they do. I often read longer posts if the topic is interesting. Yes, the more posts in a thread, the less likely it’ll be that I’ll read all of them. I hear your point that much of the back and forth is two people arguing and name-calling back and forth, but that can be useful. Debate is how you test ideas. If an idea is bad, someone who really doesn’t want to lose an argument will point out the flaws, and that can be valuable. I still argue that the reader is capable of filtering out the garbage, skimming over it, and reading only what interests him.

Would a nested format better suit you? A format where replies become sub-threads of the parent thread and you can minimize each subthread and all it’s replies? That’s how Reddit works. I’m not intending to troll you here. I’m honestly trying to see if this format might work better for you, because it has a tool (the minimize option) to help quickly filter irrelevant sub-threads

You might have some players that are not good at keeping their posts short and clear.

Plus you also have to consider there are some things like bug reports that might take a really long post to give all of the details on how to recreate a bug that takes a lot of steps to recreate. Then there are other things that could take a lot of words to fully explain that would be needed so the devs could fully understand the feedback given.

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Most of your posts are seen as “spawn” as well. It is bad enough we lost the downvote to crybabies.

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is it fun, following a debate between a few posters, filling a whole thread, that takes an hour or longer to read through?
-those posters are debating each other, not giving the readers some nice stuff to join.

If it’s a good debate, yes.

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imo (pun intended) those books are rarely interesting to read through.

ok, but those posts are posted on another forum, np there.

Now if you are just talking about one section of the forums then say that in you OP. Put it in there in the forum of an edit.

i thought that was obvious, since i never visit the other forums;
-this is actually one of the forums, so i didn’t made a mistake;
-but np, i understand your remark.