Followers aren't getting full benefit of CDR on gear

On Scoundrel:

  • 2p Crimson (20%)
  • Primal Leoric’s Crown with max diamond (25%)
  • 3x 8% CRD rolls of gear (24%)
  • 2x 6% CDR rolls on gear (12%)

Even if I just took the 2p Crimson and the primal Leoric Crown with max diamond in it, it should be a significant reduction in the cooldown on Night’s Veil.

30 seconds - 25% CDR = 22.5 seconds
22.5 seconds - 20% CDR = 18 seconds

The problem I’m encountering is that with all of the above CDR on the Scoundrel he is still recasting Night’s Veil at about every 28 to 29 seconds. This behavior most likely runs across all 3 followers.

Wrong forum. Use the PTR Bug forum.

Thank you. Fast clicked to the wrong forum

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Thank you. I didn’t know that.

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