Fix the challange rift!

Shows wiz start game, Now your a barb again??? Leave game come back iam a wiz i go in and now a barb and leave game come back as a wiz go in and finally a wiz


I logged in early this morning and had the same issue and now it shows the barb challenge rift again with my time from last week. I haven’t even run it this week because of this bug


I am having the same issue. I submitted a ticket to a GM but they directed me here. Instead of creating a new thread I’ll just piggyback on this one:

Change game mode to Challenge Rift, see the barb from last week. Enter Challenge Rift, still see Barb from last week.

I really do hope this is fixed by Friday…

Certainly hope fixed before Friday!

Having same issue sometimes it is barb or wiz, I’m not running firewall or vpn etc. please fix blizzard.

Does Blizzard even have a PR department? It blows my mind that they seem to just not care about the damage they do to their brand, simply by refusing to engage their communities. How hard would it be to pay someone to browse the forums and spend like 5 secs posting “we are aware of the situation and are looking into it.”


yes indeed - and leader board alternating between necro, barb and wiz - hope fixed before Friday and also main leaderboard which is not updating properly - big problems before season start

Something similar happened on console 5 or 6 weeks ago. 3 or 4 Challenge Rifts were posted on PC before it was finally fixed on console. This error happened on Monday and I’m sure they were made aware of it by Tuesday morning. However, no fix on Tuesday. With Friday being the observance of a Holiday, if it doesn’t get fixed today, I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t fixed by Friday. How will that affect everyone’s season start?

EU is correct and console is correct. I hope they get it fixed because 158 is a walk in the park compared to 157. I didn’t want to bother with 157 last week, so I guess I could still run it on Friday to claim the reward if they haven’t gotten it fixed by then.

i had enough trouble with this CR last week, id rather not have to do it again for the season.

The bug better get fixed soon before Friday! I can confirm the bug is still happening.

Yes. I entered the CR and got the Wizard on the 5th try. I then left and all subsequent times have been Barb. Maybe phishing for it will work? Will suck on Friday if that’s the case. Also, if you did the Barb one already, you probably won’t get to claim it again as it shows me which of my friends already completed it and the time they did it in.

It just shows me last weeks challenge and expires if 4 days 19 hours, starts me as barb always a barb, never a wizard. Less than 48 hours til season…

Same bug as mine. Trash SWE… Hope they can fix it before new season start

Shouldn’t be an option - they just got to fix 158 or season a flop before it starts!!

Same here. Showing last weeks challenge rift 157 with the barbarian. I logged in once and got this weeks challenge rift, 158, the wizard, despite being shown the barbarian on character select.

I exited the game mode and re made, now I’m a barbarian doing last weeks greater rift.

It also shows the rift cache as not having a timer and being “Expired” despite me not having completed last weeks challenge rift, or this weeks challenge rift.

Same issue. Has been happening for a couple days. season starts tomorrow!

It’s very concerning to me that this has been known for going on FOUR days now and we haven’t heard anything - not even that Blizzard is AWARE of the problem. That’s a recipe for disaster for tomorrow…

I was pretty concerned by their silence on this bug too, but Pez commented on it. It was buried in another thread.

Hopefully they get it fixed before the season starts…

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Thanks for the update! Glad to see Pez acknowledged at least.