First Necromancer post!


Hello all players, let’s make sure all key treads are moved here as soon as possible. EU-player but always reads the US forum for all the great content.


I wonder who will be the first necro to necro a post in 2026 on these new forums.


I have been trying to move the Necromancer and Crusader stickies from the old forums to the new ones, but due to the new social system I’m not yet able to make posts with links. Hopefully, that will change soon. In the meantime, if there are any key threads you’re looking for, the old forums are currently still available in read-only mode.


IMHO - the stickies need to be turned into Wikis so that we all can maintain them.

You need Trust Level 3 to create a Wiki. The CM s (and I believe MissCheetah) have granted some people TL3 status so that copy their stickies (and not wait the 100 days to earn TL3)

Posting links require TL2. In the meantime, surround the links with tick marks like this:


It will show up like this:


Whose necros bone spirit hits in the 20 trillion range?? This guy thats who.


One post, and you’ve already managed to make this place stupid like Reddit. Don’t forget to give me up-doots on my cake-day! Also, I’m so bored, lonely, and uninteresting, the best I can do is post a picture of a dog, and call it a “doggo” in hopes of impressing the older boys.


Hello my name is joe and I play Diablo 3 on ps4 and I need some help please . I’m a 92 level Necromancer for diablo 3 and I’m looking for anyone who knows what the best build there is out there for the Necromancer can you please help ?


That’s the goal eventually. I’m being a bit careful about the amount of TL3’s being automatically bumped because it can cause some weirdness with tracking. For now, I’m looking at folks who (1) were high contributors on the previous forums, (2) had largely positive/constructive interactions with the community, (3) had few, if any, account actions, and (4) are now active on the new forums.

That’s a lot for me to review on a case-by-case basis, so I appreciate you all bearing with me while I’m juggling getting that all set up on top of my other usual community management duties. :slight_smile:

It has! I reviewed your request and account today and issued you TL2. That should allow you to get started for now. Make sure to log out/back in to make sure your new permissions are available. Happy posting!

Crusader and Necromancer compendiums - help request
Crusader Compendium: Guides, Builds, & Info

Thanks, Nevalistis! I’ve posted threads on both the Necromancer and Crusader forums, and I’ll continue adding to them over the next few days. Here are the links, if anyone wants to check them out: