First HC LVL 70 Death...and it was during a bounty

I was doing bounties yesterday on my GoD DH in Act 2 when I ran into the Keywarden and he basically blew me up, twice.

I was so shocked that Awareness triggered that I did not immediately run away, and BOOM, dead. Lost my one primal GoD piece. I thought I would be more upset. The thing I found most upsetting was the game not letting me re-use the name when I stated a new DH.

Anyway, since it was my first death, I thought I would share. I felt pretty dumb dying in a freaking bounty, but such is life…

RIP. Death lurks behind every corner. It’s not a matter if “IF” but “When”.

I remember losing my wizard during a bounty as well. It was the one I believe in Act 4 or 5 where you have to traverse the checkerboard like platform that appears and disappears. Those rock guys came down and wrecked me fast.

That keywarden is essentially a super-duper version of a Dervish. When spinning, its shield not only makes it immune to damage, it also reflects projectiles, i.e. all of your Hungering Arrows came back at you.


I was wondering my my SC DH got flattened several times in a row yesterday. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep in mind to keep my HC barb away.

Barbs, in general, will be fine against dervishes unless they’re using H90/Frenzy because they’ll have The Undisputed Champion belt equipped, which causes Frenzy to gain all runes, which includes Sidearm, i.e. throwing axes. It’s the reflected axes that will kill the Barb, in the same way that reflected Hungering Arrows (or Impales) kill DHs.

This ^^^

My SC GoD DH has been killed several times already. This keywarden slows projectiles with time bubble, and reflects projectiles when it spins. UE is fine because Multishot isn’t projectile. GoD and Shadow should keep away.

Died from the Act 2 Keywarden on the first week of season (Whirlwind Barbarian). You’re just a little late in finding out. Better luck next time and stay away from spinners/reflect when your ranged attacks are active. It doesn’t matter what your build is.

It absolutely matters which build you’re using. The spinning only reflects projectiles. If your build doesn’t use them, there’s nothing to be reflected back at you.

He did say when ranged attacks were active…that would imply projectile attacks…

All projectile attacks are ranged, but not all ranged attacks are projectiles.
For example, Multishot is ranged, but it’s not a projectile, so it’s not reflected.

How can you tell the difference? I don’t see anything in the game to suggest one is and one isn’t. Seems any bow based attack should be a projectile to me.

Multiple is an AoE attack. It is more like a magic/spell type attack.
In addition, rockets are not projectiles.
Probably, Evasive Fire isn’t projectiles too.

True. The game doesn’t tell everything in words. If you are not familiar with the game, DON’T experiment with HC characters, just my advice.

This was mentioned already in the first week of Season 21, but will mention it again. Stay away from the Act 2 Key Warden when you have Breathe Lightning active. Especially when your damage is low and you need more than a few seconds to kill.

I always do my act 2 bounties with Torment 1 difficulty, just in case if a bounty takes place at the key warden’ s location.

Should have been more Godlike

sorry for you… :frowning:

is the name for ever blocked? only in HC or also SC?

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I realized what I had to do. I had to delete the dead guy, then I could reuse the name, so Dalavon lives again! I just can’t seem to get myself to kill off Xalavon now (his previous replacement).

dude he is already dead haha :smiley: but i understand what you mean, thanks explaining