Firebird Wizard is Fair and Balanced

1400 paragon, 1 augment…8.2m sheet DPS. Farming 129’s in a group in 3.5 minutes or 139’s in 6. Great work, Blizzard devs.

20 Arcane beams, 5 meatball explosions, poison everywhere…zbarb is dead…zdh about a mile away from the pack…Wizard is like “I fell asleep holding 3 buttons, whasup?”

It’s official, FB Wizard is Chuck Norris of Diablo 3. /s

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Don’t nerf firebird, BUFF everything else. Poor Barbs only has one good build :frowning:

But if everything was buffed to the same powers, no one would be special and how would grievers be able to complain that so and so class is better at y then x?

The game has got worse with more and more buffs. Just to be clear though, Firebird is working just fine, its the mechanics on console which are broken.

Masquerade buff is from 10k bjs dmg to 6k
Barb DH ARE useless in group If not zdps

What buff you talking about???

The Dev team is banging Head, the cannot find a way to balance game, because of set over ALL philisophy, and they have no Idea what is game play.

The foucos os on casual player, and How to attract more noobs to play game, they are doing well now with ethereals, alto of noobs are doing solo 125+++ in 1 week season.

Bad devloping, horribel work, and out of touch devlopers… The result is that, total chaos!!

and that’s kind of a problem because if you try to tell a newb anything, they just throw “bruh, I’ve solo’d 117 with this build” in your face.

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Plus due to GR fishing and pylon mechanics the game will never be perfectly balanced

Then you reply with , " 117? Try 142 no augments, no Auguilds, at only 1300 paragon.

Firebirds is broken on console, without a doubt.


Once again, it isn’t the set, its the mechanics. You cannot run the same content on PC as you can on console because of the broken mechanics console has. FB is slightly overperforming over sets though on PC, but not much and the game is catered to PC players, so I wouldn’t expect anything to happen on console. If any nerf maybe six piece to 4k seems reasonable.

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Yes, it is a combination of several mechanics that makes the twister FB wiz brokenly OP.

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I wouldn’t say several, just you can cast and channel. It isn’t the set, its the twisters. The set isn’t broken on PC. It’s slightly out performing all other sets at the moment, but not as crazy compared to on console. People shouting nerf, but in actuality, they need to fix the mechanics to fix the build.

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  1. Can cast twisters while channeling.
  2. twisters don’t despawn when hitting walls(like pc)
  3. Because of #2, can stacktwisters in place for concetrated damage.
  4. Intentional frame rate drop manipulation allows for 10 times the twisters able to be out at same time. Essentially a massive damage increase.

Do there need to be more before calling it multiple?


Casting and channeling is the only issue. The game lagging from calculations causes the other issues. Twisters bounce off walls on PC. I’ve already done it. They do not hit multiple times from calculations being processed. IE Casting and Channeling is not an intended mechanic as I have stated previously.

Going to keep grasping at straws? :roll_eyes:

I was quite surprised how well Etched Sigil worked as a side-power in the Cube. I wasn’t pushing for GR150 but I did 115 very easily. Not bad for me as that’s the first time I ever got a wizard to level 70 anyway. Made keeping resource much easier, too.

I was surprised at how generally easy Firebird was to play.

Wait, you used ES in the cube with FB setup? The autocast twisters don’t proc 6p FB. I hope you’re talking about something else and not FB.

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No. I used Etched Sigil to cast Energy Twister (Gale Force rune) for free to get the bonus damage so I could then blast them with something that did process the FB set.

Well, that’s an odd setup but I guess you think it works. Etched Sigil only buffs Twister damage, while FB build only kills with 6p bonus. Those 2 things are not connected.

Some people trying to 5head.

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Game lag is not the cause for twister stacking. Twisters can be stacked in a single location with or with out frame drop. So not, not all of the other things are caused by lag.

As far as the frame rate drop I mentioned, I’m not talking about standard frame drop encountered in group play. I’m referring to intentional frame drop caused by running magic weapon ignite in solo. When executed intentionally, a player can literally cause the game timer to skip backwards while still doing damage. That intentional frame drop is specific to the wizard and especially OP on the FB wizard.

Trying to make valid points seem inconsequential?

What is your purpose in arguing against these valid points?

FB is OP because of these stated mechanics, plain and simple.

FB, unaugmented, on console is easily clearing 15-20 rifts higher than any other build. If that isn’t a sign of it being OP, what is?

Below is link to demonstration of wiz in gr 139 solo unaugmented. See if you can spot the reasons its OP…
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