Firebird and Twisted Sword, does it increase 6p procs?

I’m working on a build using Firebird’s Finery to maximize how many times that 6-piece proc activates. My question is whether or not the 6-piece damage triggers when the twisters merge or not?

First, I know nothing triggers from Etched Sigil cast twisters, so I won’t use this in the build.
Second, the Twisted Sword just makes Energy Twister behave as if you chose the raging storm rune, so the merged twisters do trigger other effects from what I’ve heard.

How does the Firebird 6-piece bonus behave with the Twisted Sword? Does it only proc on the initial cast of the twister or when it merges also? Does that also proc again when a new twister merges into the larger twister and resets the duration on the large twister?

This really needs an answer as it could at least double the amount of 6-piece procs we get out of Energy Twister if it works.

Even if it works you lose death wish or oid. Death wish 350% damage and oid basically infinite squirts and 0 deaths. I don’t think it works anyway but not sure

I would choose not to use Orb of Infinite Depth anyway because the damage buff is only 40% versus potentially double the procs of Firebird 6p and a lot more buff to Energy Twister. Also, everyone seems to forget that Firebird also buffs all damage by 5000%, which is more than half of Tal Rasha’s 8000% and Legacy of Dreams’ max 9750%, making the abilities themselves also decently damaging.
By the way, the defense from Halo of Karini with Storm Armor is also the same as Orb of Infinite Depth but easier maintained.

I really hope somebody can check if Twisted Sword merged twisters, and the reset that happens, will trigger Firebird 6p procs.

Edit: The above is assuming using the Firebird source in that slot and the Orb of Infinite Depth in Kanai’s Cube.

How does the Firebird 6-piece bonus behave with the Twisted Sword?

It doesn’t. Twisted sword buffs Twisters, and Firebird kills with 6p procs. Apples and oranges.

You misunderstand.

The Twisted Sword merged twisters do trigger other proc effects because they have a proc coefficient. They are a “rune” choice you can make for Energy Twister, not an item proc. That makes Twisted Sword different than Etched Sigil and Wand of Woh, which both create extra procs that have no proc coefficient and do not trigger the Firebird 6p bonus.

I know from hearing previously that only the first “tic” of an Energy Twister can/will proc anything that it can proc, but I have been unable to find if the merge from Raging Storm behaves completely the same despite the fact that it does trigger some procs.

If the merged twister, which resets to full 6 second duration and has its own proc coefficient, is able to trigger the Firebird 6p proc with the first tic of the new merged twister then it will potentially add a new instance of the Firebird proc every time a new twister merges in. That would mean 1 Firebird proc every self cast of twister and another proc with every merge of that twister, potentially resulting in “cast-proc>merge-proc” which means double the procs.
This would be equivalent to 100% damage boost.

Considering Firebird also buffs all damage by a large 5000%, the Energy Twister skill itself can become a very decent secondary source of damage also. This assumes you can fit in the Ranslor’s Folly bracer into the build. Etched Sigil would definitely be bad for the build considering the automatic twister casts are likely to make the merged twisters have zero proc coefficient due to timing issues.

That is why I believe the Twisted Sword may be a far better choice than Orb of Infinite Depth.

Although, if the merged twisters don’t trigger the Firebird 6p proc then Etched Sigil would still add decent damage if not for the limited slots available and fact that both Twisted Sword and Deathwish give a greater buff to Energy Twister and other abilities, in the case of Deathwish.

This is essentially similar to how the free automatic meteor casts from Tal Rasha 2p bonus are able to trigger certain effects of their own set also. This is why I am asking the question of this topic.

I don’t get what you’re seeing in Twisted Sword that makes you think it increases proc rate. The huge fire tornadoes kill Elites fast because game adds all individual hits not because it’s a merged tornado. Twisted sword doesn’t produce more twisters or tornados. It just buffs Twisters and allows more twister merging. I guess it will let you stack a couple of more twisters in the middle of the map, but it’s not practical.
So, you’d be trading 325% damage from Deathwish for Twister damage which is basically zero and few more procs maybe? I don’t think it’s worth it.
You keep trying incorporate Twisters into your build, but FB doesn’t need Twisters. Twisters are just the most effective “delivery vehicle”…nothing more. Players use Twisters because they get stuck on walls (unlike PC) and can be cast while channeling (unlike PC). If not for those 2 broken mechanics, no one would use Twisters. It’s like running Skull Grasp on your WR barb. It does nothing.

Although, I have to be honest, I only play meta builds and farming builds. Farming builds need to be fun and do just enough for T16. Meta builds are for solo’ing 150’s. Anything in between is a waste of time. I don’t see how your build will solo 150…

I used Firebirds to clear 150 day 4 or 5 and build into tals just because it’s so tanky and farmed para fast. It’s an amazing season starter,was speeding 130 in about 3 and half mins with gaurdians set few days in. This was death wish and oid. Tals is so much better though once you get rolling with good gear and para

Do you even know what Twisted Sword does?
It gives Energy Twister the Raging Storm rune and allows merging of up to 5 twisters which then reset to full duration twisters, as if a new cast, every time they merge. The newly merged twisters even trigger certain procs again as if they were cast directly by a player, but not if the first twister cast was done by Etched Sigil.

That means you cast Energy Twister, which can immediately proc Firebird 6p bonus damage proc, and then you cast another Energy Twister, which procs Firebird for that cast, and then those 2 twisters merge, potentially proccing Firebird again, and then you cast a 3rd Energy Twister, which procs Firebird, and that 3rd merges into the previously merged twister, which potentially procs Firebird again from the newly “cast” full duration big merged twister.

1- cast>proc
2- cast>proc>merge>(proc?)
3- cast>proc>merge>(proc?)
4- cast>proc>merge>(proc?)
5- cast>proc>merge>(proc?)
6- repeat above

This is what makes me curious if Firebird procs from the merged twisters like other procs are triggered by the merged twisters. It would potentially add 4 more Firebird procs for every 5 twister casts, without needing a lot of attack speed while nearly doubling the effectiveness of any attack speed increases.

The Twisted Sword also is the largest damage boost to Energy Twister itself, and Firebird still multiplies all damage by 5000% which makes it worth amplifying Energy Twister’s own damage as an additional bonus to the Firebird procs.
I just want to know if it also gets more Firebird procs out of the merged twisters.

Also, I would keep Deathwish, obviously, and swap out Orb of Infinite Depth for Twisted Sword n Kanai’s Cube, unless I didn’t use the Firebird source on the gear slot.
That means potentially nearly 100% increased damage from nearly 100% more Firebird procs(if the Twisted Sword helps) instead of the only 40% buff from Orb of Infinite Depth, while also getting a full 750% more Energy Twister damage multiplier which clearly blows OoID away.

Edit 2:
FYI, Firebird NEEDS Energy Twister(on console at least since it doesn’t interrupt channeling here) because the most you can EVER get out of Explosive Blast is a new Firebird proc every 0.5 seconds(minimum EB cooldown), from what I hear. Apparently, the extra blasts from Chain Reaction do not trigger more Firebird procs since you only get 1 proc per cast, but, even if they did, you get far more Firebird procs from Energy Twister-Gale Force due to it not having any cooldown and benefitting from attack speed buffs that Explosive Blast can’t take advantage of.
Essentially, Energy Twister replaces Spectral Blade, which PC uses for maximizing Firebird procs, while not dropping Firebird stacks or channeling buff of Deathwish because of console-specific mechanics.

It’s stupid to not use Energy Twister for Firebird set on consoles.

Edit 3:
ANYTHING can solo gr150 with enough paragon, anything. The same goes for any lower difficulty. I just don’t have a lot of paragon on my account yet, especially not seasonal.

Firebirds does not multiply the damage from leg power, same with ranslors folly. If you use karini you lose Coe or orc which literally breaks the build. There’s a reason no one on the boards uses twisted sword. I tried it when Firebirds came out it’s junk. The 750 does 0. It’s why people use mantle of channeling over ranslors, Firebirds damage calculations are weird and ignore damage modifiers except global ones

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  1. Firebirds 6piece bonus also multiplies all damage by 5000%. So yes, it does multiply the damage of Energy Twister and its merged twisters from Twisted Sword.
    If 5000% really was so small then both Legacy of Dreams/Nightmares 4875% minimum to maximum 9750% and Tal Rasha’s 6piece 8000% bonus are also pretty much junk and useless.

  2. I’m not sure what “orc” is abbreviating, but I don’t ever use Convention of Elements because it is only useful 25% of the time, dividing the effect too harshly to give up other necessary things like Ring of Royal Grandeur and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac and Squirt’s Necklace.

  3. There is no room for Mantle of Channeling if you want both Firebird’s Finery and Captain Crimson’s Trimmings in the build. It’s also better to have Herbrash’s Binding to lower Disintegrate cost and Ashnaggar’s Blood Bracer to boost shields to keep Squirt’s Necklace maxed. Mantle of Channeling is also not a large enough buff for the cost of a slot, in my opinion, due to other options in the build.

  4. Ranslor’s Folly is very useful for grouping enemies to get those Firebird procs affecting more enemies simultaneously. It also happens to buff Energy Twister well, which isn’t a small amount of damage if you actually use those items, thanks mostly due to the fact that anything that buffs Firebird’s damage also buffs Energy Twister while Firebird’s itself buffs Energy Twister by 5000%.



But anyway, does the Twisted Sword trigger Firebird’s 6piece bonus procs when Energy Twisters merge into a larger full duration twister, like how those merged twisters also proc things like arcane power on crit and the Obsidian Ring??

I just wanted this question answered. Is anybody going to answer? I don’t currently have the ability to find out myself through normal gameplay.

The 750% damage is nul and void on Firebird as is all twister damage rolls. It’s irrelevant if they merge as 350% damage on death wish far better. Try playing with twisted sword and you will see how bad it is. I did when Firebirds first came out it’s garbage.It’s like almost a 10 tier nerf. Coe averages out at 50% and I ment orz. There’s a reason every 150 clear is built the same nothing comes close and they all use mantle of channeling in cube. Ranslors for speeds. Arcane power is a zero issue as is toughness. My sheild did not break once in 150 1300 paragon and I cleared it in just 3 keys.

Whatever, enough derailing the topic.

Just need somebody to answer if the Firebird’s Finery 6-piece damage triggers from the newly merged Energy Twister from the added Raging Storm rune from Twisted Sword.
Anybody able to answer?

Judging by how weak it is I’d say no. Literally like using black hand key or some other useless legendary. Don’t know why you want to persist is in trying to theory craft a pointless build. It’s does nothing full stop

Do you know anything about Diablo 3 at all?!

Energy Twister>Gale Force = twister converted to fire damage and enemies hit take 15% more fire damage

If you don’t use Energy Twister>Gale Force for Firebird’s builds, at least on console, then you have nothing upstairs.

Yes, you can avoid the legendary items that boost Energy Twister, but those very same legendary items will boost Energy Twister greatly while Firebird’s Finery boosts Energy Twister>Gale Force by 5000%. That’s not a small buff. Essentially it makes it a decent secondary source of damage, which could boost your total DPS by a lot with little loss of anything else.

Also, the cooldown of Explosive Blast is impossible to lower below 0.5 seconds, meaning 2 Firebird procs per second, but Energy Twister is only limited by attack speed so it can proc Firebird’s many more times than Explosive Blast.
The best part is you don’t need to give up either Explosive Blast or Energy Twister in the build. If you do not use both then you may as well be running with only one leg.


Anyway, all I want is a simple answer that you can not or will not give:
Does the Firebird’s 6piece combustion damage proc trigger from the merged Energy Twister>Gale Force+Raging Storm(Twisted Sword but still fire damage) ???

Answer that main topic question or stop posting.

Judging by the fact I did 150 Firebird day 4 and had number 2 spot I’d say more than you. People haven’t answered your question as it’s retarded nonsense. Time to move on

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You misunderstand. It doesn’t work. It never worked. Ever. Writing a lengthy novel about something completely irrelevant is rather hilarious though. Also, Firebird is literally the easiest build to play. Any idiot can hold buttons down. It is even HC viable since it is so tanky. Not to mention with older consoles being able to do more dmg and take less dmg because of over loading the processor to make the game time take even less. Any wizard with real skill plays Tals.