Fire Ally - Inna Set - No dmg register


Doing GR lvl 125+ but also in lower lvl’s the fire allies doesnt do any damage at all or no damage has been registered. Please fix this bug as well for the water allies (those go out of form)

Many people have experienced this so far ~ me included

Don’t gather too much density, if you’re middle of the pack allies can get stuck, and then don’t explode.
Try to stay outside of the packs, or dash out then back in before exploding them.
This had helped me most so far. It can still happen, but at least it’s not half the time anymore.
Credits to wudijo.

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They kept missing shots on a lot of the bosses

For example Vesalius…i have to trigger fire allies 4 times to register a hit…wtf

Versalius has been the bane of my existance with Inna this season.

Same thing, just cannot get the allies to hit consistently.