Fire ally and CoE

If i activete fire ally before the fire cycle of CoE (cold), Does the fire ally still get the CoE’s dmg multiplier when it’s entering the fire cycle??

Not sure but the maxroll guide says to activate during fire.

“At the start of Fire use Cyclone Strike again. Open your inventory and look at your DPS to see if Flying Dragon is active. If not, keep attacking for a couple more seconds. When all buffs are up (or at 2 seconds into Fire at the latest) use Blinding Flash followed by Mystic Ally.”

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Maybe the CoE buff gets applied at the creation of the split fire ally? I noticed that it takes a bit of time before the split fire ally run toward target and explode. If you are able to spawn the split fire 2 seconds into the CoE’s fire cycle (Leaving them with only 2 seconds to find and run to target and explode), the buff may not get applied if it procs on explosion rather than spawn.

Yes. If you press mystic ally with a half second left in cold, you will be fine. I wouldn’t press it any earlier than that though.