Finally a PTR Pop-up for freezing bug testing

I implore everyone to please DL the PTR and participate and try to make your game crash from the common methods already in the game such as Area damage and Firebird’s Mirror images.

This will hopefully help them resolve this issue once and for all

I did a HC gr 120 earlier today with my FB wizard.

The issues are not Wizard related only.

All hero’s classes and builds can freeze and crash.

i get on once every few days fire up a grift to see if it freezes up , it freezes within the first minute ish every time and i just turn it off and try again a few days later, not playing wizard btw

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PTR was updated today. Just FYI.

Now live:


Hopefully people with the freezing issues are cranking out data for the engineers! It’s been a significant issue for a lot of players for while now.

Don’t for get to post the requested info in the official thread.

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I can say that it also happens to GoD HA DHs as well as Firebird wizards.