Final version of patch 2.7.2

I cannot find anywhere and very few people talk about it: is this final patch 2.7.2 version? If not, when it will be official? Shadow clones nerfing? Devs? Filthie Rich? Anyone else? Thanks in advance

We will know the final patch notes once Blizzard posts them.

Patience, please.

As per the S24 ending announcement thread

We will be providing a Season 25 preview soon which will include the start time for the next season. Stay Tuned!

So, you’ll know as soon as everyone else does, i.e. when you see blue stickied in General Discussion. As S24 ends on 5th December, if they intend on starting S25 on 10th December, that would mean they’d have to patch 2.7.2 to live on Tuesday, 7th December, so the announcement of final patch notes would be prior to that.

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Seems logic. Thanks a lot.