Feels Like I’m Not Progressing As I Should


This is my first time posting in the forums. My Season 20 Barb “Frenzy” is my main character (It’s a whirlrend Barb).

I solo’d 117 in about 14:30, but I feel like I’m not playing the character to potential. I’ve read about the main hand/off hand and I’m not understanding it, what do I need to change?

I’m aware the Band of Might and Convention of Elements ring combination should probably be switched to Focus and Restraint, but I haven’t found a decent Ancient Focus yet (CHC and CHD), nut I do have an ancient restraint with CHC and CHD, strength too, I believe. Should I switch anyway?
I feel my weakest pieces are rings (not 6 CHC), shoulders and amulet. Overall I’m missing secondary physical resist stat.

Any input is appreciated. I’d really like to try to hit the leaderboard for the first time.

Lots of good stuff in the stickied guide…

…which has a sections all about gear choices for the build, such as your weapons / rings, some of which are dependant upon your paragon levels.

Having said that, your IPBs look pretty decent.

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