Feedback on new Kamikaze build

Hi guys!

I’ve been spending these last couple of seasons playing and working on a Pestilence build revolving around the Shi Mizu’s Haori (100% Critical Hit Chance when below 25% Health) and would love to get some feedback on how to develop the build further.

Here’s a link to the build on DiabloFans www.diablofans(dot)com/builds/108336-kamikaze-gr95-speed-farm-console-friendly and here’s a short video showing what it looks like in action (

I know its far from perfect but I find to be fun and like the fact that it generates more lances than any build I’ve ever seen.

My questions are the following:

  1. Blood Lance drains my health pool like crazy (2% per Lance), which leads to no blood lances being generated when I reach 1-2% health. In order to counter this effect, I’ve chosen to keep my max life as low as possible while stacking Life on Hit on items. However, I have not yet accumulated good LoH on enough items to know if it actually works. Would you say I’m on the right track when choosing this strategy or would you do it differently?
    Another way to do it would be to make sure my healing is superior to my self harm and then use another self harm skill to get under 25% hp. Would that be a better strategy?

  2. Revive is spawing a crazy amount of lances, can be autocast AND does not interrupt movement, yet I hardly ever see the skill included in any Pestilence builds. Can anybody explain why that is?

  3. I currently run with the legendary gems Gogok, Zei’s and Bane of the Trapped. I’ve tried replacing Trapped with Pain Enhancer and seem to get about the same clear times. Which gems would you choose?

  4. I play on console, which sadly comes with its downsides like Command Skeletons forcing my character to stop moving, and having to use Devouring Aura in order to be able to actively use both Corpse Lance and Command Skeletons. I’m pretty sure the build would work even better on PC and wonder if anybody not on console would be interested in trying the build out and giving me some feedback or even showing a video snippet of how many lances the build actually generates on PC. In the video posted above, the build is generating a sh*t ton of lances and that’s when using Devouring Aura which doesn’t consume nearly as many corpses as the other Devour runes. If anybody has the time to spare, it would really be awesome to see just how many lances can be generated when another rune is used.


I suppose Revive animation is blocking on PC.

Did you tried without Revive/Purgatory ?
Does it spawn as much lances as with Revive/Purgatory ?

Revive/Purgatory should add 10 lances.
Corpse Explosion adds only 5 lances (but might be casted faster).

For PC, there is a devour rune that devours minions. Might accelerates the process for consuming Revive/Purgatory minions. But you would lose Skeletons, so nope.

Anyway using Revive/Purgatory is an interesting source of damage.

Potential sources of lances with Pestilence
Land of the Dead (10-20) + Revive/Purgatory (10) + Mages/Gift of Death (Haunted Visions + Circle of Nailuj’s Evol = 6) + Corpse Explosion (5) + Golem/Flesh Golem (8) + Moribund Gauntlets (1)

What about that ring that increases your damage reduction per missing health?

Seems like a really solid choice IMO.

If you want to Speed with Pestilence, I invite you to try variations of this :

I currently run a variation with

  • Cold explosion instead of Aura of Frailty : Ensure monsters are Frozen: Crowd control + Krysbin x3 (Land of the Dead says monsters are periodically frozen, but sometimes they are not)
  • Bane of the Stricken instead of Zei: Because with Cold Explosion I do body contact, plus bonuses of Bane of the Stricken are interesting
  • The Flavor of Time instead of Squirt’s Necklace : Best when you do speed builds, because you cumulate pylons bonuses so it makes you a lot stronger

Blood is Power
Rathma’s Shield
Stand Alone
Final Service

So basically strong defense, even more if you cumulate pylons.

Un ami francais! :wink: Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve actually been experimenting with Corpse Lance and Pestilence quite a lot and thought I’d make a video showing how many lances are generated when using different options like Devour - No rune, Devour - Ruthelss, Devouring aura, Revive, Revive with Mask of Scarlet Death equipped etc. I’ll post it here as soon as it’s done so you can check it out.

To answer your question, Revive seems to be generating the same amount of lances no matter what rune I choose. The only time a difference can be noticed is when I try casting it with the Mask of Scarlet Death equipped, though this doesn’t appear to change the number of lances generated but only the way in which they are generated. Without the mask on, I get a constant flow of corpse lances while wearing the mask makes the corpse lances fly out in groups of 10. Sadly, consuming the revives with Devour - Ruthless doesn’t seem to affect how fast revives can be generated.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely check it out in the hopes that it works well on console. Let me know if you want to try the speed variation of the build above and I’ll send you the details. It will have you flying through lower rift levels and T16.

It is indeed a solid item to use in combination with the Shi Mizu’s. In this particular build however, where I’m constantly at 1% health, even the gigantic damage reduction from Lornelle’s Sunstone isn’t enough to make me survive. One way to use it would be to replace one of the legendary gems that increases my damage with the Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard, but that would lead to a huge loss in damage.