Feedback from OG after Act 2 Beta

First of all;
Thank you for bringing back D2 in the D2R project.
I am a long time gamer of D2 since it came out, and being able to play it on console with the remastered art and sound is very exciting.
I have played the Xbox console paladin for the beta up to the end of act 2 and have some experiences I would like to report to help your team tweak and fix the project so that it can be made even better on roll out.

  1. The paladin aura will often disappear from play, which can be a quick death in the wrong situation. It would also be helpful if pressing the bound key twice did not turn off the aura. There could instead be a key bound to no aura if that is what a paladin would want to do, but that would be almost never.

  2. When running in areas with stairs like the arcane sanctum, the physics are broken and the character does not run smoothly up or down the stairs.

  3. I did not find a way to quick feed my merc health potions like we used to be able to with shift clicking a belt slot, and without being able to quick heal a merc it makes them far more useless.

  4. If we could hold down X to quick slot potions in our inventory to our belts that would improve gameplay a lot because the time and dexterity it takes to manually transfer potions is annoying.

  5. Items do not identify from cain if they are stored in the horadric cube.

  6. It would be awesome if a player could auto pick up scrolls if they had a book in inventory, and that once the book was full it stopped. (Adding auto gold grab was a great touch. I am sure I have burned out more than one mouse grabbing all the in game gold over the years.)

  7. Having the option to auto transfer gold from a char inventory to the stash when opening would be good also. There is no benefit to keeping the gold on character unless you are dropping for another player.

  8. My last though is to have the “minion” status show up over the enemy as it used to. THe new placement at the top of the screen is not as helpful when gaming in harder areas. By the time you look up to see they hit harder it can be too late. (Insert elemental archer mob here.)

Thanks again for bringing us this relived experience of the greatest game ever made in the rpg genre.


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