FB Wiz is unplayable

I’ve tried lowering my gfx to lowest settings, playing without sound, removing area damage etc…

still get random 5-10s freezes when in a 2’s…

like wth is this

You should have seen FB wiz on console last season, one GR 140+ took 30 minutes because the lag was constant, 3 player, i played support. When I later decided to try the wiz for some solo pushing, I got handcramps after 2 days of playing because of all the buttons that needed to be held down all the time.

Use the Fmodx64.dll fix and stop blaming builds that have nothing to do with the problem.

I’ve done a HC gr116 w/ FB wiz and have had no freezes in last 2 years 'cause of the above fix.


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then why is Wiz the only one that causes the lag…I will blame the spec which is the games fault which is blizzards fault for allowing this atrocity to continue.

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A small price to pay for being the arcane master of all elements! :slight_smile:

Oops, that should be Tal Rasha… mm… yes, you might be right! :smiley:

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If you don’t have Fmodx64.dll fix … all builds freeze!

I put the link in my first post to you…

Use it and stop making useless posts about screen freeze!

I guess you’d better tell Blizzard they’re wrong then, because we have official blue posts where they stated that Firebird was specifically causing issues…

All builds freeze w/o the Fmodx64.dll fix.

What you posted is just one build that freeze’s.

My HC FB Wiz did a gr116 w/o any freeze’s in less than 2 weeks in this season.

maybe on your computer…mine it’s specifically when I use FB Wiz/mirror images.

No other build freezes for me ever…even if I’m in a 4man group they don’t freeze…The second I play FB Wiz it freezes…what aren’t you getting?

and no I’m not using no Fmod fix. That’s ridiculously dumb, the fix is blizzard doing their job and updating/patching/hotfixing or w/e they have to do to the game to make it work.


What I posted was the developer acknowledging that a specific build (i.e. Firebirds) caused problems. Feel free to disagree with things I say. Seriously, go right ahead, but you’re arguing that the build doesn’t have specific issues, despite the developer saying it does.

Are you just going to ignore stuff like…

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Lol. I don’t use the .dll fix and have never had freezes. You can’t just make a statement like that without actual evidence.

First off, the fb do not benefit from area dmg, so dont have any on your gear or paragon. 2x Fb in a group is okey, but do not use 3 fb`s or 2x fb+inna monk with pets, This will cause alot of lag.

Also for the freeze i had that alot when i played my GoD dh, but my fix was to put Sound on , and lower to 16 channels but this makes the sound be completly horrible so i lower all sound vaules to 1 so i hear no music, stuff at all. But this have 99.9% removed my freeze issues.

Everybody I play with has had the freeze before they use the Fmodx64.dll fix.
Tons of evidence for last two years!

Don has to change the tick damage mechanic. That seems to be the source of lags. A really dumb design choice, imo.

This does not mean everybody gets freezes and certainly not with every build.

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true…some client side pc’s don’t have this issue.

Many do tho!

well starting 2morrow there’s gonna be a mid season PTR catered to help dev’s figure out this specific issue. Hopefully they get enough info from us to get tot he root of the cause

Yes, the firebird with a mirror image is terribly strong and surpasses all characters in the game, and in the multiplayer game it lags and chops. Please balance the fireball with a mirror image with other characters and replace it in the multiplayer game with another skill from the wizard.

This season I’ve completed a gr 120 3 man and a gr 120 solo as FB Wizard.

No lag or freeze what so ever.

Fmodx64.dll fix works just fine as it has for past two years or so.

FB Wiz is defiantly playable!

Use the Fmodx64.dll to fix the freeze