FB solo push advice needed

Yes, I believe the whole point here is to get the devs to change twister mechanics. If they did, great! We finally got them to address console issues. Doubtful though…

If they do decide to address console twister mechanics, they should consider the backlash that will stem from it. To address just one thing would be a giant slap in the face to console players. If they choose to change twister mechanics, it would be advised to also address numerous other issues at the same time. If they do not, it will convey ill sentiment.

I see where you’re going with that.

The original game mechanics on pc did not include channeling while casting twisters. They haven’t said anything regarding it on console (PC playerbase). If the same mechanics were on PC, it would get nerfed 100%. I’m not sure why anyone would think otherwise. By that same logic of intent, one could argue people rerolling gear or modding game files implies intent because nothing is done to safeguard it. And nothing has been done about it after all this time.

The FB wiz is only the strongest because of the broken mechanic of twisters. This isn’t about twisters. Its about devs not doing anything for console players balance, QoL changes. And yes, even NG, though we are not going to hit that pinata again and again.

Why not hit the pinata? I like candy…:rofl:

There is a big difference between a skill’s mechanics and reforge exploiting.

A skills mechanics are determined and controlled by dev controlled coding within the constraints of the game.

Reforge exploiting takes a step outside of the game into things the developer has no control over.

So no, we can’t say implied intent on twister mechanics is the same as implying intent on things like reforge exploiting.

Since the topic was brought up…
I don’t see a single solo wizard on xbox softcore, who jas done a gr 150, who isn’t suspect…
All with primal tri/quadfecta deathwishes, all with primal fire crit crit necklaces, primal or quadfecta rings… looks highly suspect.

I disagree. I think they could have and chose not to. Reforging could have been prevented as well as correcting game mechanics. PC wouldn’t have it, so its safe to say we shouldn’t either. Any good player understands that basic concept since Blizzard is about balancing or trying to. PTRs are a prime example when builds are over performing. I find it ignorant to think Blizzard would leave such broken mechanics easily accessible.

HC has yet to clear a 150 solo and has several primaled out players. Good thing what something looks like and actually are, are two different things. Good luck. :v:

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So HC rank 1 wizard has 8 primals with a 148 in 14:59 while SC rank 1 has 4 primals with a sub 11 minutes 150.hmmm

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oh, there are cheaters on HC as well. Don’t take what I said as the contrary. As far as the number of primals, the people exploiting for primals have gotten lazy; They tend to just go for the items that have the largest impact on their damage IE weapon, offhand, jewelry, and multipliers. There are no multipliers save the deathwish for the Firebirds build.

I see drosxo referenced just #1 on HC, Ic0n0clast
Referenced “several”. Seems to me the two of you are trying to make this out to be SC cheaters are better than HC cheaters? Can’t imagine why you would even care to point that out.

@drosxo you may want to edit your above post. Softcore doesn’t have a sub 10 minute gr 150. Sub means under. The top clear was 10:54, qualifying as a sub 11 minute clear, not sub 10.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has significantly high number of primals that defy probability; then its a reforge exploiting duck.

Yeah that was a typo right there my bad gonna edit it.

Thing is that you just mentioned softcore on your earlier post that’s why I mentioned HC.

Just as an example that primals do not equal skill; just check the leaderboards there are many people with 8+ primals and they can’t even get top 20.

While rolling is an exploit it is not an “I win” button by any means.

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I completly agree that a player who primal exploits isn’t necessarily a skilled player. The impact that primal gear has, however, can afford an extreme advantage if the player does in fact have skill. The amount of the advantage varies based on how many damage modifiers it affects. For Firebirds this season, primal reforging has minimal impact compared to other builds. If I were to compare just the weapon, offhand and necklace from my gear to that of someone who did reforge exploit for primals, the primals would give the player a 27.0833% damage advantage. Thats enough for almost 2 rifts higher(almost). There are builds where the primal reforger gains a significantly higher advantage. I have seen sitiations where the total advantage was upwards of 200% or 7 rift advantage. So, there are cases where the reforge exploiter can still beat a non reforge exploiter just because of the advantage.

Primal gear on a FB wiz has a smaller impact, but still provides an advantage.

So there are two scenarios here:
First, the reforge exploiter gains a significant advantage, one that skill alone cannot over come.
Or second, the advantage is small enough, that a skilled player could over come. With this scenario, it doesn’t make sense to even bother reforge exploiting. If the advantage is small enough, why bother? Wait, a 2 rift advantage is still a 2 rift advantage…


and here I was about to return to play D3 (Wiz in particular) and read this bad news…
next season then