FB nerf doesn't make sense

Heh, would be fun if it turns out, after all this outcry, that a 90% dmg nerf was exactly what the set needed to be balanced.

It nothing else, it exemplifies how absolutely stupid the whole scaling is in D3. Where cutting dmg by 90% is only 15 GRift lvls :S

thanks for confirming that math wasn’t your favorite class in school.

having said that, over 8000 posts and barely 1000 paragon in non-season, do you even play the game?

I wouldn’t be surprised if despite the nerf, firebird is still the best wizard build. That’s how strong it was.

It won’t be. Twisters (with Deathwish channeling) will be the strongest again.

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Just that u have to drop deathwish for valthek or twisted sword:P

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It won’t be and isn’t. It’s about 5 GR short of both Vyr and Twister.

You know who else said that ? The barb community after the “overnerf” of the rend belt. Result ? WW is completely OP and cleared 150, and no other barb build comes close.

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Me at the time said consistent 200% was too much, 150% was plenty. I turned out to be right.

Well obviously not since WW was not a balanced build at the time (and barely is nowadays), with a 150% belt.
At the time I said 0% was harsh but realistic, and 100% was plenty more than enough for the build to still be the best, and I would have been right.

Anyway, only time will tell. If they do buff it again, it’s gonna be a really funny season, full of firebird like S22 was full of bone spear.

i will be surprised, when ptr started Firebird had 3000% at ignite, 100 stacks of combustion and 3000% overall buff damage on 6 pieces, and it required a buff ( at least for spec blades , explosive blast and other fire skills ), and firebirds wasnt even close to beat 150.

then at last day of ptr someone discovered the wizzard clones build and started to beat 150 in 7 minutes or so.

Well if the ONLY variation of the build destroying everything was the clone version, why dont just change the clones interaction with the set instead of nerf this huge? like “the set will trigger its effect when enemies get hit by the WIZZARD skills” instead of pets. simple fixing, easy and no huge nerfs required.

The only real op builds related to wizzard in the PTR that required a huge nerf was tal6 fb4 and this clone version of firebird, that i agree was out of reality.


Bahloney. WWRend is fine. The savage frenzy barb is good but not top tier. The rest of the sets are strictly for masochists.

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might of the earth is for jumping fetish masochists XD

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Completely agree with you FormatDrive. Image mirror ability completely destroyed the build. It’s just now a no brain build based on channeling (taeguk). The logical solution in accordance with their intentions at start is a nerf of this build.

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That was surprised me most, why they just didnt make the set aply the damage only from the skills cast by the wizzard itself, it is a way easier solution. Thankfully the blue post arrived and devs might give us some changes or explanations about it.

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Let’s pray :innocent:

well saved me wasting time downloading was about to install D3 again after long brake was ready to play Firebird as it looked real fun nvm back other games good to see blizard aint changed " Fun detected hit it with nerf bat "

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You might possibly want to wait a couple of days…

lol aint gona hold my breath Blizzard not real known for taking players advice and doing something usual lots of talk but little action