FB nerf doesn't make sense

Look at this :
*Developer’s Note Update: The original intent of this set redesign was not to use channeling abilities as the main source of damage so we adjusted the 2-piece and 6-piece bonuses.

And explain me now why prevent using image mirror for the new FB wasn’t considered. It would have been a nerf and their intention to create a build not based on channeling abilities would have been respected.
Really, I don’t understand. Now, the new FB is ridiculously weak. And its best build is based on a channeling ability. Wow… Congratulations guys !

Sorry for my bad english : I’m french


agree. way to kill a fun build


Well it came up from F-tier to A-tier so thats not too bad, BUT it could’ve been an S-tier and thats sad.

Most of the nerfs that had occurred over the last two years or so made little to no sense. This isn’t the first nerf to make no sense, nor will it be the last.

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A-tier ? With a 90% damage nerf ??


Well atleast to the speculations but we’ll see.

soooooooo much oooooover nerfed

Don worry guys! we can teleport faster now! -________-


Well its a wizz build which uses teleport. That alone makes it A-tier. We dont know how much the animation got buffed it might actually feel good now to play. I care more about how much faster archon might actually be with the changes to teleport or hydra, FO for bounties. FB will most likely just be there for those who want to push the set leaderboards. Sure FB doesnt seem interresting anymore but wizz been asking for teleport fix for ages.

Explain me why the new teleport animation makes the build A-Tier.
Ok I agree about bounties and T16 farming. But everyone here wanted this build for pushing. And everyone wanted this build in a meta 4

Cause it be faster. And wizz pretty much only got slow and clunky builds. FB is strong just not top tier while having teleport and mobility to skip bad maps, finding elites moving around in grift stacking mobs means alot for the clear time. U can fish way better. But yes depends how good the animation is. Wizz got a push build its just not great consider how much effort and how clunky it feels compare to other classes pushing build. Wizz had a buff for the first time in a long time with the teleport (gotta see how good it is). I believe that ppl are annoyed that wizz had a chance to be meta or have a top tier build (or something they rly good at) which they are lacking since they mediocre at best while being worst in several areas. WD is in the same spot however they only got nerf so. Monk (in theory got a nish but prolly wont be used by 90%+ of the ppl), DH, Necro, Barb, Sader will have atleast 1 thing which they are “the best” at in s23. Wizz, WD wont.

yes teleport needed this changed but no it is not A tier, the set is f tier in the best scenario despite of any streamer video, its math

Maybe, havnt tried it after the nerf with everything considered so its just speculations. From just looking at the numbers and from the info we got i would put it in high B tier - Low A tier. But thats just me

Firebird would’ve scaled well beyond the GR150 limit, being the most powerful set in the game. I think it was Raxxanterax who estimated that Firebird could’ve reached theoretical GR157. Allegedly. So it wasn’t S-tier, it was above that.

Firebird needed a nerf as it was clearly overperforming. However it was nerfed 15 GR levels worth and I don’t think it needed that much nerfing.

Keep in mind how GRs scale. The enemy health goes up 17% every level multiplicatively.

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The image mirror ability is too strong and ruined the new FB gameplay. It was very fun without maintaining channeling and only hitting ennemies with blades.
I repeat : for me, the most logical nerf would have been to prevent using image mirror with the FB. Maybe with a little nerf yes.

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No. Some of us may have just wanted a smoother, easier, less “use every skill and hope” approach.

Yeah it was raxx. He also stated it was with very good gears, full 150 augment, fishing for the perfect rift and 8k+ paragon though? In other words the full potential of the build on a high skilled player. And not something a regular player would do. Its just in theory possible. BS necro with 4th cube would possibly beat several tiers higher than 150 aswell though to put things in perspective. Who knows BS might even reach 150 even though they lose 7 tiers in s23. In other words 8+ paragons players with full augment would in theory be able to beat 142 with FB after the nerf. Question is if ppl will bother with that, maybe with the new leaderboard who knows.

Raxx seem happy about the nerf though Raxx Gets Emotional About Firebirds - YouTube

That’s where they lost me. Why the hell not? They didn’t want to do the fun thing so they did the stupid thing then killed the build for anything except grinding T16. Why would anyone think that’s reasonable?

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Because a streamer says so.

I wouldn’t be surprised if despite the nerf, firebird is still the best wizard build. That’s how strong it was.