Fair warning to "solo players" regarding Diablo 4

If you are like me then, unfortunately, you believed the months of discussion on these forums stating “I played for hours and only ran into two people”. This is absolutely not true. This is an MMO diablo game. You will see tons of people. All the time. they will lag your cities. They will stand on your quest NPC’s, They will be next to you killing your quest mods, and they will crowd your vendors.

If this game is anything like Immortal, which sadly it seems it is ALOT like immortal. Certain end-game dungeon difficulties REQUIRE group play.

Extremely disappointed, and over all depressed with how it turned out, But if this is how the new generation prefer to experience this wonderful franchise then so be it… I couldn’t expect Blizzard to market and cater to me my entire life I guess.

Just wanted to give a fair warning to other players like me before they purchase who prefer true solo and solitude play. you will not find it here. This isn’t a thread to moan and complain. Just a heads up.

This is also with cross-play TURNED OFF.


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While I do think they should allow solo world instances, which they probably won’t to save on resources, I didn’t run into many people leveling to 25 or briefly playing barb and rogue alts.

Most I ever saw outside of town in one place besides the World Boss was 3 doing an event. Shards are very sparsely populated compared to something like WoW.


It baffles me that Diablo HAS a portion of players that enjoys playing solo… and yet, Blizz don’t give a F for those players.


I am not sure what game you are playing, but it is not D4 in my experience. There are players in town, but not tons. Out in the wild the only time I saw more than one or two people run by was the world boss. Even that was limited to around 10 or 15.

They have done a good job in my opinion of not making it feel flooded. Further, nobody can steal your kills… The game shares and you have personal loot.

Dungeons of course, ARE true solo experiences unless you intentionally bring a group.

I am not sure where you are finding all these people in your way.

That is my experience as well.

Pretty sure there is more than one location for the Shared Stash. I remember it being at the turn in tree thing (I forget what it is called). It is a place you go after doing X events, quests, etc to fill a goal. You get a cache of rewards and there are vendors, blacksmith, and the Stash.

No really, even with the Beta crowds the Stash and Wardrobe room is sparsely populated. There are a few people but they don’t block interactions.


That’s false information I’ve done a lot of dungeons and every single one I played and finished alone. But I don’t know if we can talk about anything that goes far beyond the early access beta. They changed a lot to the good. F.e. I’ve yet to see a mob run to it’s spawn place continiously to be completly healed.


That specific comment was regarding Diablo:I not a statement about Diablo 4, I was making a comparison both games have similarities, and what might be end-game for Diablo 4. I apologize if I wasn’t clear. I meant no misinformation.

I never stated they stole kills. I mentioned they will be killing your quest mobs with you. This further goes into the “breaking immersion” Solo play i was originally referencing. I am not trying to fear-monger and buyers remorse others.


Its only sparsely pop’d because its beta. Full game a few weeks after release, during peak hours, is a different story.

They is too much wow mmo cereal shoved into the diablo soup. The longer one plays the game, the more of a nuisance it will become.


Even just with beta pop, if they wanted to shove dozens of people into one shard of a town, they had more than enough people logged in to do so. You can also tell moving in and out of towns that towns seem to have their own shard and that you’re moving into another one when you leave town (sometimes even see people appear/vanish at the town border). That would seem to indicate they specifically control town populations separately and are making a choice about how many show up in town with you.

Keeping shards sparsely populated seems to be an intentional choice, not just a beta population is smaller kind of thing.


I’ve averaged about 15-30 people in town give or take during closer to peak hours. Ironically I found fewer people at the world boss than in town. A lot fewer. Out in the open it isn’t crowded, but I’ve seen 1-3 players a lot in virtually every part of the map outside of dungeons and cellars. And yes, they can snipe a kill. Loot will be shared if you tagged the mob as well, but if you didn’t tag the mob, outside of an overworld “event”, the mob will die and you’ll have to find another to fulfill your quest criteria.

Depending on how you’re sharded, certain quest areas (notably the cave with the bandits in it near Margrave) will have 2-5 players typically doing the quest(s) in that area. This made filling the chalice with blood take longer than it otherwise would have during that particular quest. That part definitely brings one of the more unwanted aspects of the MMO portion of the game front and center - miss the mobs by just a hair and you’ll need to move on and find others or wait for the respawn. It isn’t anywhere near as bad as in World of Warcraft’s more heavily trafficked areas, but it is still quite noticeable for some quests.

I’ve only found the shared stash in Kyovashad during the beta, but that’s due to that being the “primary” city for Fractured Peaks. Other zones will likely have their own primary city with the shared stash.

That MMO aspect of the game will come into play with the strongholds. Like Hanse bases in Witcher 3, these are really hard areas to do solo. They are after all, strongholds. The penultimate boss encounter in Nostrava is a royal pain solo, especially if you don’t take the bosses (yes, plural) down in a specific order and have them die relatively soon in between each one.

Protip for this week’s and next week’s beta: Use those Murmuring Obols on weapons primarily. Weapons gambled at the Curiosity Vendor will always be scaled to your level and more likely than not, more powerful than most drops at-level from monsters, chests, or breakables. If you’re hurting for good weapon drops, spend those obols, especially if you’re closing in on the 505 cap, which is very easy to do in the LV 10-20 range. I also recommend against using the world boss socket material until you have a good legendary item or extra good rare that you intend to imprint with a legendary power.


I don’t expect anything good from this company anymore.
And I sleep peacefully, because they have already disappointed me in every way.


Apparently not. You made a new forum account after buying D3 to post here 3 days ago. You don’t even have any D3 account history.


It’s magic. Check out my D2’s history.


I guess it was only natural for Diablo to evolve into mmo. Even Blizzard North years ago already had plans for that.

Solid point right here. It’s PoE philosophy but D4 isn’t f2p.


D4 is a lite-MMO with obvious elements of Lost Ark and D:I. I don’t understand why they don’t just admit it. A lot of MMO players will like it for that. It just that it’s not a game for solo players.


This. I’ve accepted it and while it is disappointing its part of life I guess.

I mean Hollywood doesn’t make movies and TV shows for me anymore either, but on the other hand it saves me tons of money AND time. Same with Blizzard now. Oh well.


Well it likely was true being that was a closed selective beta . As we open up more and more that’s going to become more untrue all the way till official release, so it’s not like they lied, they really did experience a lot less. Wait till Fully Open Beta that’s going to show more of a true representation.

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It’s like they haven’t learned anything about making a Diablo game. I hope Microsoft fires the entire studio.


ummmmm, you are also forgetting the fact that EVERYONE is pigeon-holed into the first ACT of the game and CAN’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE in the entirety of the world…the fact that you completely miss this point shows that you are just going to bash the game no matter what they do with it because you are a D2 fan-boy.

If the whole of the world was opened up to everyone…then NO you will NOT see that many peeps because only so many peeps are allowed per server…say like 100, unless a clan instances into a dungeon then that goes to ANOTHER server holding just those peeps running those dungeons… including yourself being solo…

Use your brain before you type talk smack…


Firstly, I hate that I can’t comment in the D4 forums without purchasing the game. Not being able to post questions there before buying it is a terrible idea. I wish Blizzard would rethink their forum access rules.

Secondly, and more importantly. I wanted to get a feel for just how “MMO” the game really is. But this thread is giving conflicting information - somewhere between you’ll see tons of people all over the place to you hardly see anyone. So I don’t know what to think. And it’s hard to extrapolate from the beta because who knows how many people will be playing and on how much infrastructure once it’s actually in live release because that’s a massive unknown.

I’d really love to see some official comment from Blizzard about just how much of the game is genuinely solo compared to MMO. Because quite frankly I do not want to play another MMO where I’m forced to play with a bunch of random strangers. I dislike being forced into an online only game, but am willing to put up with it when it’s like D3 where I can choose to play solo, or just with my friends or with random strangers.

At least in the case of D3 I am given choice. But I flat out refuse to buy another game where I’m forced to accept the third option.