Failure to receive Butcher Pet after completing event dungeon w fresh lvl1

Forgive the thickheaded question, but I’m just returning to them game from 2015 (?!) so am a bit rusty on some of the mechanicals.

I ran through the event dungeon yesterday, tip to stern, with a freshly crafted seasonal character who was lvl1 upon entrance. At the end I got “Thank Goodness You’ve Returned” but did not get the “An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision”, which I believe is the Butcher pet qualification. Any idea what might could have happened? Are there other conditions for the pet other than that?

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It has been a long time since I did that event. It does require a new level 1 that you don’t log out of during the event I think. The good news is that difficulty does not matter so you can just make a new char and do it again.

Go through this guide and see what steps you might have missed. There are other cool things you can get too.

Did you complete the event in one session?

You should have received the Ogden’s Sign Banner Sigil and the Ogden’s Brew Banner Accent for the Thank Goodness You’ve Returned! Achievement.


An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision gets you the Red Soul Shard Legendary Gem and The Butcher Cosmetic Pet.


The Butcher Pet DOES NOT drop like Menagerist Pets. It is automatically added to your Collections.

Double check your Pet Collection to see if it is missing.

@perusoe thanks for this detailed response. I did get the Sigil & Accent, and I got the red shard, but not the achievement nor is the pet in my collection. Bug?


  • Make sure don’t leave game before you kill Diablo. If you left game, you are not starting with level 1 when you come back. You must recreate the hero and start over again.

  • Make sure you have 0 EXP when entering the portal. i.e. don’t kill any monsters, and don’t read any lore book before entering the portal.

  • You may teleport back to town at any time.


This is what I don’t understand. The Red Soul Shard and The Butcher Pet are rewards for the same Achievement. If you received one, you should have received both, as well as the Achievement: An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision.

Check your Achievements again. It will be located in:

Achievements → Career → General → Special Events

Also check your Collections again for the Pet. (I know you’ve already done this. But, just to be sure).

If all else fails, try Maskraider’s suggestion. If you already started the Event with a Level 1 Character and had 0 XP when you entered the Portal to Tristram, you should be able to use that same Character again. (Despite having Leveled, have Paragon Points and gear) You can even set the game on Normal Difficulty. Just run all 16 Levels in one gaming session and don’t die.

If you still don’t get it, you can create a new, temporary, Character and try again. I have a detailed guide for this Event here, which might help you out, if you think you need it.

Best of luck!

No, RSS are dropped by Diablo, don’t need to start with lv 1.

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I believe the RedShard is not related to the achieve, but a guaranteed drop from bigboi the first time you kill him in the event. I just booted a new char and speed ran it, and ta dah, butchie pet! Thanks for the help.

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I just meant that if nothing else works, including their current Character, to try again with a newly created Character.

You may be right. The Butcher Pet is the reward for that Achievement. I don’t see the Red Soul Shard listed as any of the rewards. So, it must be dropped when you kill The Dark Lord without any other requirements.