Failed to capture the magic of S24 and S25

This PTR has been soso other than just relying on angelic crucible powers that can alter a build just enough to add a little excitement. The main issue that will be seen on live is how often the angelic crucibles drop. I burned through a ton of them trying to roll items properly (even after the ancient fix).

Will season 27 be as horrible as season 26 (due to pathetically low dop rate of the theme), or will it be a middle of the road season?

P.S. Use angelic crucibles on Stone Gaubtlets to get an idea of how hard they are to roll. Is anything else worse to roll? I want to try it out on the PTR.

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S25 soul shards were very common drops from all content including leveling. Even the most extreme casual had a variety of shards to try for different characters and builds. The hellforge embers were also way more common than both petrified screams and the crucibles coming up.

Apparently having good availability for fun things is bad, so we will repeat S26 again.


The problem is with Stone Gauntlets, not with the seasonal theme. On the PTR I’m seeing Crucibles drop pretty regularly, and it takes about 3 to 5 rolls to get a decent weapon, which is what you want for the early game. On the other hand, I’ve rolled Stone Gauntlet with PTR’s infinite resources about 1.5k times, and I still barely have a usable Ancient. That item really needs to be changed to guarantee a few more useful stats.

If the AC’s are anything like gifts, it will be a struggle to see the first few, after that you will have a sizable stack in your stash. Now, if you devote your time to just one class, you are good. If you play 2 classes, then you will be okay. 3 or more? Well, I guess that depends on you luck in finding them. MAYBE, I didn’t test this in PTR, players can drop AC’s for other players to use. You can with a Gift, right? Why not an AC?

Gift is only sharable with someone who was in game with you at the time it dropped. Whether that will be the case with AC is unknown as I have not grouped with anyone on the PTR. I suspect they won’t be sharable tho, just going by the past few seasons.

Yeah, that’s what I mean. You can share loot with up to 3 people that were in your group, doing whatever. I haven’t played much PTR, but Season 26 today I found 2 Gifts after using one on a primal for my follower.

I found 2 gifts yesterday when I was gaming with a clanmate, I gave him both of them. I ran a few GRs with him for about 30 min or so.

It would be nice if you could give extra AC’s you find while in a group.

AC will (and have to) be account bound

Bummer. Well, I guess I’ll look forward to having a bunch by mid-season then, just like the Ramaladni’s Gift.

Gifts have a fixed outcome, Crucibles are fully random. The two are not comparable at all.

I was thinking along the lines of drop rate. If an AC is anything like an RG, then fine. At least I know I will have plenty by mid-season. Of course, I will use one here and there along the way, just like an RG.

We all know that an RG can only socket a weapon. It would be nice if it could socket an ammy and ring, but that’s not the case. Maybe Blizz will add that later.

We all know what the AC is capable of doing and that, unlike the RG’s, will not carry over to non-season.

Now if the drop rate is even slightly better than an RG, then all the better. That will allow me to mess around with different builds. But I don’t see that being the case, unless it’s changed after the season starts.