Experience pools RNG

Not rly. There are better maps where u find more pools. Just checking act 1 limits yourself rly. If i rmb correctly raxx have a vid which shows his pool barb route. Its good and i use a simular one but with a few more spots.

If u use meta builds on any class u be fine. Obv monk will be the easiest but there are plenty of strong builds this season.

Thats how it is when u work with other ppl. Just like it is irl. Ppl dont want leechers which i can fully understand.

Your experience is wrong then. All meta runs are higher than most solo runs. Lately solo play got buffed and there are rly strong solo builds which made them get close to group. However there is still a difference.

6.5 min isnt rly farming. Thats slow and inefficient. It depends on the team. U wanna compare which gr a group can do in 1min 30 sec vs solo in 1min 30 sec. There is a difference as 4 players is stronger than 1.

Its 100% health for each player. If u know how zbuilds work u would understand why it outscales. 4 players combining their strength and therefor being stronger than 1 is balanced imo.

I dont have that issue and havnt happened to me like ever. Maybe they just dont like u. Could be that u low paragon and seem kind of salty.

The only ones that complain about META is players that don’t play META. Blizzard literally hands you free experience yet you choose to not get involved then complain about it.
If it is because your not good enough then tough s@#t. That’s life!!! maybe find another
hobby or game your good at. Every single competition the human race gets involved in is about who is better at the given competition. If you don’t make the cut then your out.

You can always stack Bardiches and clear Not-the-Cow level then grab both reflection pools there before closing a Greater Rift. If you started to stock on decent enough gear, then just run the Not-the-Cow level and Nephalem Rifts by binge playing to collect pools as much as keys then start hitting medium-low Greater Rifts for speedfarming.


And this is why I don’t play groups. Well, one of the reasons.

Uh no. I was in the thick of it thank you very much. Was I doing as much dmg as the other 2 players? No. Both of their builds were significantly stronger than mine. That’s just a result of Blizzard’s inability or unwillingness to properly balance all of the builds in the game.

Yes, that was the conclusion that I came to. I just wish the pools were worth it for ALL levels of XP/paragon…not just the high levels…

meta sucks. Being limited to “you play this build or you’re not in the group” is just plain antisocial and rude in my eyes. You can call if efficient if you want, but that’s just masking the terrible attitudes of many players imho.

Kinda hard on console. Sony removed communities (a bit like clans on PC). And all of my friends play SC and won’t touch HC. And of course, impale s6 isn’t welcome in the 4 man meta group…

if I’m giving 100%, I’m not leeching…

there’s no way in hell that s6 impale is gonna do a GR150. Not even close. But that’s another thing, for another topic, that I have already given my input to.

start of the season, low paragon levels for everyone, and no augments and gems low too. I’m sure we’d been a LOT faster at end of the season with fully developed characters. From memory, One player was play WOL monk, the other dmo slow time wizard and myself s6 impale.

I don’t know where you did math, but if the game is balanced, then it should be equally difficult for a 4 man group vs mobs as it is for a solo player. Making it easier for groups is not balanced. Not sure how you arrived at that logic, but…

Ah yeah no. Currently rank 16 globally HC, DH, PS4. Really rank 3, as the top 13 are all modder cheating scum sadly. Rank 14 is legit, but heavy group player with mega paragon. Rank 15 is also a cheat, all item slots primal (save wizard, reforge exploit) and is running 4 man groups with one of the players who is running modded gear. 4 man GR150 in 45 seconds…please tell me how a solo player is meant to compete with that? The answer is not “get good” as you so succinctly put it. I am good. My clear and time would be good enough for rank 2 HC s6 impale on PC btw. At least it was the other day when I last checked. In reality, I’m rank 3, but should be rank 2 as the current #2 player is a cheat and should be banned from the LBs.

yeah, that’s a good point. But, as others have said, it’s not worth it at my low paragon level.

I still don’t know if my experienced RNG with the pool spawning is normal or not. 18-20 runs on average isn’t very good imho (to get 10 xp pools).

You are not supposed to compete with groups. It is your choice to play solo. Don’t cry because of that choice YOU made. You can choose to play an off META with friends or pugs but then we circle back to why your behind on paragon. BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY SOMETHING OTHER THEN META. Is it rude or antisocial. No even a little bit. We have plenty of like minded individuals. Quite frankly you are the one being antisocial by choosing not to play in groups. The reason people get kicked or not invited to groups is they are not willing to improve their skills or doing something that hurts the group.

So in other words you got carried.

So you only impale on a console on hc on solo, so in other words you shoot yourself in the foot delibelatry and ask why would anyone shoot me in the foot…

I still dont get why you keep persisting on this rng story, especialy on pools, even tho you have no idea what the norm is, but you keep the complaint going

There are plenty of players that would enjoy playing in groups but that don’t want to play META builds / roles. That doesn’t mean they’re anti-social, indeed they’d like to socialise, but they’re prevented from doing so precisely because they’re unwanted by the players that only want to play the META.

You can see similar things in MMOs which have dungeon finders. There’s always a huge pool of DPS players sat in the queue and if you sign up as a healer or tank, the queue’s instant. That’s because there’s a lot less players that enjoy being a tank or healer than being a DPS. The DPS players aren’t anti-social because they don’t want to tank.

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Nobody wants to play GR150 with sub P3000 when there are P4000-6000 botters loitering around in public lobby. If they do, they had 1 game, had enough and move on. lol. so much for META…apparently Botting is META, at least in KR server.

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Nope, sorry, but don’t even try and guilt trip me.

No one has answered me whether my RNG results were the norm or not have they?

I gave 100%. It’s not my fault Blizzard can’t balance their builds…

spot on. I want to play s6 impale. It’s not meta…that’s not my fault, it’s crappy game design from Blizzard.

well that pretty much kills anyone getting into meta unless they have a long standing group…kind of not social if you ask me :wink:

It’s a deliberate attempt to segregate Sets/Builds into Tier 1/2/3. Railment of Thousand Storm set has no DMG Reduction. holy cow… 85% dodge doesn’t work when there are 20 enemies attacking you. This set is clearly relegated to Tier 3.

Still got carried, you can give 100% with only yellow items, but it wont mean much.

Because no one has the numbers. You can come in next week and complain how you have so many armor potions but none All res potions, so bad rng, blizz screwed up, bla bla bla, it will be just as interesting as your rng on pools.

Impale isnt meta build. Its a B-tier build. I know u love impale and i get that u want it buffed more but its still a b-tier build.

Even when u start season u lower the tier until u can speedfarm. Its much more efficient especially early on as more runs = more gears. At start of season i would outfarm u 3 ppl solo if u did grs at 6.5min.

4 ppl stronger than 1? Isnt that how it is by nature? 4 > 1 its kind of easy math.

Thats unnatural. U saying 4 players combining strength shouldnt be more efficient than 1 solo player? I get that u dont want groups to have a edge. U want 4 = 1. Thats not correct math if something.

If u cant keep up with the others then they will consider u as a leecher. They simply believe u just not good enough. U can whine about it but u cant change how ppl think. Just like a soccer team will kick their weakest link even if they win.

I liked when the meta had valor sader & bonespear necro. That was crazy fun. The monk thing isn’t too exciting other than its fast and easy. I didn’t care for the firebird one either.

Metas CAN be fun if your build gets in. :wink:

I mostly barb anyways so always a spot lol.

So why is it the META players that are being anti social? Or their problem that certain players are not skilled enough? If you choose to not play meta for whatever reason it is only the player not playing fault. If you get kicked because you don’t have the paragon that’s your fault. Get kicked because lack of skill your fault. Get kicked because group is full of botters Maybe find a group of people that don’t bot. Groups are speed farming 150s with everyone in group less then 2k. If I choose to not run meta because my playstyle doesn’t fit the meta I do not have the right to say its blizzard fault I don’t have paragon to compete with them. Sure I can ask that my build become viable. In this case he doesn’t even want to play in groups yet still complains. WE barbs mains don’t cry that barb can’t trash kill right? We just except it and move on. I havnt even played barb this season because monk/zdh is the best way to get exp.

META players will only play with others in one of 4 builds. Do you not see how that’s exclusionary to anyone that doesn’t want to play one of those builds, i.e. everyone else?

Some of us actually want to play classes / builds we enjoy, rather than playing something we don’t like just because it’s the most effective way of farming XP/hour.

This is why I pretty much never group up, because I wouldn’t be wanted or welcome.


That’s a personal decision. That isn’t the meta players fault. Ask for your builds to become viable and not point fingures at meta players be those players choose to be meta.

If I choose to work at McDonald’s do I have the right to complain that I can’t get hired as a chef at a 4 star restaurant? For one if you havnt even applied hell no you don’t. Second if your bad at cooking ofcourse not. Third if you don’t like people telling you how to cook something your never gonna cut it.

And who’s fault is that…oh yeah, it’s Blizzard’s cos they have no idea on how to balance the builds in the game…

So, if 4 is stronger than 1, why are they getting higher rewards? Rewards should be based on difficulty…if solo is harder than 4 man group, it should be getting more XP, not the other way around…

it is if the game is balanced…but group players want any advantage that they can get and will do and say anything to maintain that advantage…

Not very social is it? Groups should be about enjoying playing alongside others…that should be the primary reason for playing in groups, but alas it is not. It’s all about “efficiency”.

shouldn’t all builds have a meta option…that would be good game balance, no?

Ah, so a skilled player who isn’t meta, isn’t skilled, Right, superb logic there mate. You really are full of it.

Thanks MB. We don’t always agree on things, but you are spot on in your assessment. You can’t argue with these guys, they have a set mindset and will never change.


Beat head against brick wall much?

Yes, this much is apparent. Make the builds all equal and let the players decide what they actually want to play. That’s a good game design and is balanced.

Are you referring to Pools of Reflection? Is that what an “experience pool” is?

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Just clearing 150s in 4 minutes while you complain.

Playing a different game while you repeat content in less time than it takes to fap off.