<exile> Recruiting for S18

Only endgame 24/7 uptime friendly clan for Aus/NZ, last season 27 clan members completed GR 150

If you’re looking easily find a group for Meta or Rats in S18, look no further.

*Only endgame botting friendly clan Aus/NZ.



Exile Jiffajax - 138 hrs season time so far…
Exile TheBigJJono - 139 hrs season time so far…
Exile BERSERK - 140 hours…

Out of around 145 hours the season has been up. Quite impressive, for “endgame” “players”

I could go on, with many more examples of exile members with impressive 90% or more game time so far. Sadly, you even used your multishot botting account to post this.

Keep your botting clan out of the forums please.


i fixed it for you bro thanks, sorry for confusion

Ok, ill go on,

Exile Tong - 960 hours out a possible 1100…