Everyone i talk to who used to play D2 wont buy D2:R

i have talked to multiple people from other video games and real life and they all basically have absolutely no interest in this game for a various amount of reasons. the main reason i hear is that they think blizzard is a dead company and this rehashing of their old games made in their prime years is simply embarrassing. and sadly when i first heard this i had to agree. other reasons i hear is that its an old game and they already played it or that blizzard will screw up the game anyway.

has anyone else had the same situation?

honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if the original diablo game will have more players than this remake.


I’ve heard the opposite. Everyone I know who used to play D2 are crazy excited for D2R and almost all of them pre-ordered.
Also some people I know who never got into D2 is willing to give D2R a try now that it will be more up to date graphics-wise.


How can dead company release games?

I know plenty of people who played D2 and will buy D2R.


I haven’t heard of anyone that has at least a small interest in d2 and doesn’t plan to buy d2r.


Many of the friends that I played D2 with in the past have said the opposite. Some are planning a return and some have already preordered. A few of them on the other hand have said the game looks interesting, but they don’t want to play for understandable reasons.

Getting into Diablo can be a huge time sink. Some people have families and/or jobs that the time requirements for Diablo just won’t mix with.


It definitely is a mix. Some are super excited about D2R, some are taking a wait and see approach, and some have no interest. For me personally, I worry more about D2R longevity. Initially, there will be a flurry of activity due in part to nostalgia. I worry that many of the mechanics that some consider “charming in their imperfection” is simply a euphemism for outdated/annoying.

Without considering additional optional changes to accommodate the more modern perspective, I fear that there will be a more precipitous dropoff in the playerbase after the initial excitement has waned as players are reminded why many stopped playing D2 in the first place. Certainly, this does not apply to the “I played for 20 years straight D2 fan” but these individuals are presumably a minority among those who will purchase D2R.


I agree totally with this. If they don’t add more content and other end game goodies, the interest in d2r will fade super quickly. How many baal runs have you done? Do you feel like still doing them the exact same for another 20 years?

I love this game more than anything but if it’s to thrive and do well, we’ll need more than qol changes eventually. I pre-ordered solely on the fact that the servers are being upgraded. That should seriously dampen the botting and dupes quite a bit.


Nintendo does it. One of the most successful business models to date, as they have proven. Is it the most tasteful? Surely not, but it works - and where there’s demand, there’s money. Blizzard’s fine so long as World of MoneyMountcraft stays afloat.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m not sure you understand the core reason why Diablo 2 was successful with this comment. As I have mentioned time and time again, its staying power is based within the fact there is no defined “end game”.

Your end game experience will define how you play at levels 70-99 - be that magic find runs, rushing people, PKing or dueling, low level dueling - hell, maybe even creating a monopoly of the player driven economy. Not endless cookie cutter rifts or other forced content lol. For the record, Diablo 2’s being played by hundreds of thousands of players still 20 years later and the D2R announcement garnered the largest following of a Blizzard product since the release of World of Warcraft. D2R will be fine.

Man, if I had a dime for every time I dropped a game because its “end game” content, such as Diablo 3 rifts or Path of Exile maps, I’d be rich because I’ve tried to come back numerous times and each time I dropped the game again because it is not a well designed concept and it arguably isn’t a good one even for an MMO, but that might just be my biased opinion because I enjoy loot hunting, not being given my loot by some end game mechanic that determines and ensures certain iLvL gear drops only/mostly from said end game.

Here’s to eternal open-world farming.


I would agree on the points on Blizzard. They are dying and if they can’t make D4 into a success they can follow Interplay into obscurity. Part of that is making D2R a good remake. If they can’t succeed at that side D4 will be nothing, if they can’t make D4 better than D2R, again Blizz is going down.

As to why I will be playing D2R, nostalgia mainly. Second I don’t have the play time I had when I was young. I don’t have the 8 hr+ to play each day and I definitely don’t want to deal with learning all that goes into new games.

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Totally the opposite for me. Everyone I know is super hyped for Diablo 2 Resurrected and will transition.


no quite the opposite.


I have friends that played the original Diablo II for many years ago, and they are really exciting to play D2:R


I’ve preordered it and I played D2 when it first came out and restarted playing it a while back.


Alexa, show me someone trying way too hard to troll


This game will not only be released to pc but also to consoles with renewed graphics and uncapped fps. If your friends wont play it why do you even care you can find new friends to play with. No worries. BTW who cares what others think. It’s your opinion that matters.

People who played this game and liked it before are looking forward to it from my experience. The people who have never played it before and played other blizzard games do not have much interest in it. If it was not for PvP I would not be interested In it as well.

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Where is all of this negative propaganda coming from?

Completely contrary to the OP’s statement, everyone I know is hyped for D2r. I know a lot of people who are so hyped that they are actually taking vacations from work so they can play hard in the opening of the first season.


Bla, bla, bla. They will come once the game is released. People like this are almost always “just talk”, no walk.


You should probably stop talking to all of them, problem solved.

A few subsections of people. One group are the old guard tryhard elites that figured the game would already have been released, since “faithful” remaster, and the longer it takes for new announcements and beta, the more worried about extra changes they become.

Another are the people that DO want changes, and are not impressed to spend money on a better graphical vanilla with no real new content or updated mechanics (which is generally the standard in many modern remasters).

Then of course, you just have the anti-Blizzard people, that are going to poke and prod because they hate modern Blizzard, are mad because Diablo 3 gave their puppy VD, and they just want to whine and cry.

Probably a few others, let your imagination run wild. I think the two biggest camps though are the “Blizzard will screw it up” and the “Not enough content to replace what I currently play” crowds.

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