Even for Diablo 4, Diablo 2 has to change

Plus changes, as Blizzard has already shown, and implemented. :slightly_smiling_face:

People don’t understand that D2R has to make money. Look around. Blizzard sells it on PC, PS5, Xbox, even in friggin nintendo. They need to catch new players, this game must have been a huge investment, and will not survive (or at least get enough revenue) only thanks to the couple of thousand players that plays it since 2000.

Changes are to make the game more interesting, enjoyable, to put the game to 2021 standards when it comes to QOL.
Blizzard shouldn’t have said that this game was gonna be for the “old fans” tho, because that was a lie from the beginning, and it hurts because a lot of naive old school fans believed it.

Im all about for changes, they are needed, they are good, and they are the reason behind a marketing move that MUST work if Blizzard wants to hype Diablo 4.
Is simple.

There’s a stark difference between major changes and quality of life improvements.

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Difference isn’t always stark.
People sure dont see the same way on adding ladder items to nonladder for example.
Very much a QoL change imo, but others disagree.

Ladder only change is very likely a preemptive decision made to combat bots/item selling shops.

I think people like you don’t understand that they couldve JUST improved the graphics with zero other changes and it STILL would’ve “made money”. Why? because Diablo has a gigantic built-in fanbase of tens of millions and D2 was the pinnacle of its enjoyment. The fact that they changed and implemented a bunch of QoL AND ported it to every game system guaranteed D2:R will “make money”. This isn’t a giant cash cow for blizz either, its literally just a remaster. Not sure why you and others are deluded into thinking an amazing remaster of THE greatest ARPG of all time “will die without tons of changes”. :roll_eyes:

Who i imagine when people leave comments about D2R “dying” in a month: https://memegenerator.net/img/images/10437509.jpg

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And what is the problem about QOL changes? How it changes the game at its core?
I like QOL because we arent in 2000 anymore, if Blizzard wants to compete with other RPGS out there they must adapt.
If we start talking about other changes like Ploot (which they already said they will not apply), well thats other thing. Is a big change and can be object of deeper debate.
Not every change has to be bad. And please, show me those millions of people playing currently. Coz i dont have the data.

your argument was that D2:R won’t “make money”. i explained how it obviously will. Move on.


Then tell me why you dont like “changes” lol. Lets say it will make money. Still, why no changes? If there’s something that you can do better, then just do it.

Im a fan like you, and i really want D2R to be a success and hopefully get a huge new fan base that keeps going in time. But you cant do it if you dont move on along with the current state in the gaming industry.

I will move on, mr millions of players.

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The reasoning doesn’t really matter for the fact it changed?
Same with removing TCP/IP. That sure changes gameplay options for those using it, and Blizzard removing it is imo a WC3R-like scandal.

Nah man you got it all wrong. i love changes. in fact, look at my thread here that i keep plugging like its my Mix tape:

They’ve already made a lot of changes dude, check it out. and yea they COULD add a few more. But no they don’t need a bunch more, or even any more changes for D2:R to be a success. But i personally hope for a few more QoL features post-launch and who knows, maybe we will even get some skill-tree balancing? That would be nice.

i think it’s more likely they will add some sort of content each new ladder following the d3 season system. like one or 2 uniques or e new runeword,etc

Witcher 3 is also RPG game and it doesn’t get new content every 3 months. Nobody complaining about that just enjoying as it is. Try that too.


I’ve replayed Witcher 3 a few times, found new stuff in it every time. Same for Fallout 3/4 and Skyrim! Good games.

Wait… do you think Blizzard didn’t have the technology to implement stackable items in 2000?

It has nothing to do with being outdated, it was a deliberate design choice.

Inventory management was just one of the many demons the developers decided you had to slay in D2. These same developers built a game that is arguably in the discussion for being the greatest video game ever made.

So look, either this cumbersome inventory system is something that prevents you from enjoying the game, or it’s not. The D2 community that made this one of the greatest games ever was made up of people who decided it was either beneficial or tolerable… for 20 years now. Many, many people decided in that time that this game was not for them and there is zero doubt in my mind that this community’s identity is what it is not just by who is part of it but also by who is not part of it.

I have to say, after years of hearing people say how Activision has ruined Blizzard by making it all about the money and not about the great games their teams used to build, it’s strange to read someone saying Blizzard should change the content of one of their most beloved, iconic games to have a better business model. I haven’t seen many gamers prioritize this around these parts…

for that they have Diablo 4. Not D2 Resurrected.


Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Skyrim and Mass Effect are cinematic single player RPG’s. Not ARPG’s/ Dungeon Crawlers.
Those games such as Witcher 3, Fallout 4, etc. etc. are your evolved versions of RPG’s from the tactical WOW like RPG mechanics, where the main character is a silent protagonist. Some of such games are KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic,) Dragon Age Origins, Jade Empire, KOTOR 2 ( Knights of the Old Republic The Sith Lords) Fallout 1, Though even older in RPG mechanics and design than the above games, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Morrowind (Which is arguably one of the best Eder Scrolls games) and Oblivion.

Games from Diablo 2 splintered off from your games like Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Final Fantasy. But instead of being tactical Pokemon style battles, went into real time with Diablo coming off of influence from D and D. ( Dungeons and Dragons).

you realize that in effect, with the charms, all you are trading off is a skiller for the cube space right?
a charm inventory would give you a grand total of +1 tree skill and a ton of space to play around with. this “you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to” is great and all, except everyone and their guinea pig wants to use them.

every mod out there has an expanded stash, and it is universally praised. honestly, it’s great. try it.

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No it doesn’t. Grow up and get over it. Move on. Now.

D3 and D4 taking totally different turn.

D2 was great for what it was not for what followed (D3)

D3 was hammered by fans of D2 which spawned PoE as true successor of D2

D4 will continue what D3 started, to be casual game.

D2 is a grinder and bridging those games together makes no sense. They might be Diablo in name but in reality its comparing apple to oranges.