[EU] Brand new and would really like a mentor or 5!

Howdy yall,
I bought Diablo 3 for myself to scratch the looter itch and I am loving it. Started a Crusader and stomped the campaign, got to T3 and decided I needed a more “attractive” build for meeting people in groups so I am currently trying to gear a Barb for support and xp builds, if, it will work like that… Para is something low like 250 but I have only been playing for barely a week, and honestly I probably watch more youtube than play at this point.

I play on EU, characters are seasonal, and I am interested in playing with someone who could help show me the ropes. How to gear, what is best in slot, making builds…

  • I am open to all playstyles/characters, I want to play them all eventually, and I enjoy being useful to the team, even if it’s just two of us.
  • I will not have any part in botting or glitching since I paid for the game and I strongly feel that these things make the game much less enjoyable for me.
  • I’m in my 30s, play in a quiet room, and try my best to be considerate.

Anyway, it would be great to meet some folks, catch up on the season, and get ready for S22!
Reach me on Bnet Шаста#2298 or Discord Shasta#5294
Thank You!

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Took a quick look at your heroes. Neither your Crusader or your Barb are wearing a full suit of set armour yet. With that in mind, I’d suggest the first thing you should do is press Shift+J in-game to view the Season Journey window and start working your way through the journey tasks. For completing Chapters 2, 3 and 4, you get a Haedrig’s Gift in the in-game email, containing 2 pieces of set armour in each, which means by the time you’ve completed Chapter 4 you’ll have a full 6-piece armour set and can work from there. For more info…

As for your Barbarian intentions…