Etiquette re public bounty games & Visions of Enmity

Is there any etiquette or protocol for Visions of Enmity appearing in public bounty games? I join seasonal public bounty games for the bounty chests (to either get larger amounts of white/blue/yellow mats or have excess blood shards to build alts), so I hit the ground running to get bounties done. But almost every time a fissure opens, some (or all!) of the other players immediately go on a fissuring expedition (pun intended), leaving me as the only player actually completing bounties. I get it, but it’s a pub bounty game. So would proper etiquette be for the entire party to immediately farm fissures together, or wait until bounties are completed to do so? What are your opinions?
Happy hunting, Nephalem. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had some that just ran in. Others waited. I usually write it in chat and if none show up after a couple of minutes or one, I just run it

What I did last season (where I played in the “classic” season and ssf), is that I opened a Vision in a map not affected by a bounty, and I opened the game to the public, so it was focused on bounties, and impossible to open a Vision for other players.

Your post makes me think of the players who “throw” themselves into the world opened by the rainbow gobs or the vault or The no cow level, and who cannot wait for the bounties to be over…
The worst being those who do levels without saying anything while you do the bounties.


From what I saw last season, it more looks like public Visions games featuring bounties. A ton more loot in Visions plus you get the bounty mats.

It seems proper is to just farm immediately. If you wait until bounties are completed, you only get 1 fissure. Doing it as you go, you get like 10 fissures. Yes, you will have a ton less shards for your alt, but you can use “upgrade rare” and probably have the same net result.

If you want to save your spot on a bounty to do the fissure do this:
Tp to town
Hit the banner of the person who is in the Vision
When Vision is over, use the map to go back to town, not TP
When you get to town, your portal will take you back to the bounty you were on.

If you want to avoid the Visions altogether, simply do as Strix laid out.

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I do know how to do that. :slightly_smiling_face: But thanks anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve done that, too, by using a cowstick. But that also feels like rude behavior. However, after bounties are done I can enter the fissure and tell the other players to 'port to me. Then they can still enter the fissure even though they can’t enter the cow level.

As far as Vaults opening during bounty runs, I suppose you could prevent that by using a puzzle ring before opening a public bounty game. But that would definitely be a d*ck move.

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I don’t usually run public bounties anymore but if I were to attempt I wouldn’t open a public game right away. I’d open the session private first then try to cause a Vision in a small dungeon where no bounties exist before returning to a random town and opening the game to public access. This way no one can guess where is it and they all run bounties as expected.

In case you open the game to public right away at the very start, just ask people to signal the Visions emerging so you can clear as a group much faster then return to what you were doing.

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…Especially because, with 4 people running around, as soon as one closed, another would open. So it would take forever to get through the bounties.


For sure, like open a Not cow level, but at some point it annoys me, I don’t want to take 50 precautions to do a run.

Result is SSF mode, like I did before the existence of the SSF mode.

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Ya, and Visions are like vaults, GR’s, rainbow portals, bounties, etc. They are fun for a short period, but become tedious when you do the same thing constantly for 3-4 hours. It is even worse if you are doing the bounties to get a RoRG or something because now it will take 4x longer than running solo.

This is how I have handled doing bounties and Visions. I just run a solo 5 act bounty run. I get about 10-15 Visions, so it is a good mix and doesn’t wear me out as fast. Takes me about an hour and a half, but I am way more engaged than if I did 1.5 hours of Visions or bounties. At the end, I invite through community chat to collect.

This may not be the most efficient way of playing the game, but I play the game for fun, not efficiency.


I vote to kick anyone that goes into them on public bounties. Sorry, but it’s MY time you are wasting, not yours.


Each player plays in his own way, if you play in public, you have to accept certain faults. Kicking someone for that doesn’t make sense

When I played in public, my only reason to kick someone was that the player would stay in town/AFK, make rifts, or ask for a GR every minute

I never did public bounties so I don’t know exactly how much you could do, but is it still a faster way to get bounty mats than doing solo Visions?

I got a character from having no items to fully geared (Without the armour and weapon cube slots) with about 2,5 hours worth of solo Vision materials that I farmed with another one. I am sure the shards aren’t even needed if you do it like this?

If I’m in a bounty game I don’t waste my time to do visions. First of all about 80% race through them like there no tomorrow. Like he said it takes forever to finish bounties with these vision.

I had one last season where one open in the area I was doing. I just left it and finish that bounty. Then move on to the next bounty. We had 2 acts not even done. This one player went looking for it. Then he found it and did it all by himself.

I said what is wrong with you, There are other people playing the game. You didn’t open it and then you did by yourself. The next thing I was the Bad Guy in the group. The guy just started calling me names and it was my fault. WOW!!!

So if people feel that the vision are more important then bounties go for it. Last season when it was all done. I move of over more then 5000 bounty mats, 30,000 DB and 3500 soul to my NS. Most of that came from solo running.

And how is that different from Enmities? If I am in public bounties, and you start running those, it takes longer for the bounties. That means you are wasting my time and everyone else’s in that game, as much as if you are running rifts or AFK.

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Yep. That’s why I open a Vision in solo mode first, then leave the area and then open the game to the public. Those who join won’t ever know that a Vision is open.


This. And if the kick doesn’t go through just leave.

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From doing a few pub bounties last season, you will get a lot more Visions in a 4 man than solo. Pretty much as soon as the Vision ends, the next one opens in a 4 man.

From what I have done in solo (I do bounties not cow sticks), I spend as much time or more outside of the Visions as I do in. So, ya, from what I have seen, you will get a lot more bounty mats in a dedicated group than solo.

It is stupidly fast any which way you do it. Pretty much I use shards on armor/offhand and upgrade rare on weapons/jewelry. I figure I am going to do GRs, bounties, and Visions anyways, so I mix it up.

I did gear a friend up on HC with Visions and he had a full build in 30 minutes. I ran Visions and dropped legendaries in town. He sorted through as I ran the next one. I did bring him in for final chest and the 2 goblin floors I got.

That is a good one I’ll remember to do that. Plus open in area that has nothing to do with the bounties. If I came into the game I would know you open a vision at the end.

I know as people tell me it is a waste of time doing this. But I always go back and check all the areas for drops in each act. I have got 3 primals doing this too. Plus one time I got 15 drops too. Plus one other thing is I have found where people have left vaults, cow lvl and rainbow areas open and undone too.

Public games prolly not. It seem like ppl do whatever.

However my way of doing it with friends is that the one who gets vision speed through it until chest map and call it. Then everyone tp to open chest, then back to bounties. Personally i dont bother with loot in vision except from the chest so speeding through the lvls for chest is rly fast. The chest gives bounty mats and keys which is the main focus.

Personally, I would prefer that bounty games be for bounties. If you want to run fissures or rifts or chase goblins around there is plenty of time and places to do that.

You signed up to do bounties with other people. Proper etiquette would mean do what you joined the game for.

Just my 2 cents since you asked.