Ethereals when salvaged

Hi, so when i salvaged 3 windforces -ethereal bows it shows about 50 veiled crystals and about 20 forgotten souls but i suppose i got about 3 if i’ve got any at all.

I am playing dh for my main character and i’ve already got plenty of ethereals, mainly bows and when i noticed it gives crystals when salvaged i took my worst eth. bows and salvaged them, before doing so i had about 50 crystals (kull is expensive) and after salvaging i have 58 crystals even tho blacksmith told me it would be different. I thought it might be just number shown bug so i tried to build something of these 58 i had and its no better :smiley:
Idk if giving crystals and souls was intended in process of salvaging them but it is either description showing windforce gives me 48~ crystals or not having those crystals afterwards is a bug.
I can’t say for sure if it’s a bug but i didnt see it anywhere on the forum so here we are :slight_smile:

(btw its not even that i need these crystals… there are better ways to find them but its just bug tho)

Ethereals break down into GR Keys, Forgotten Souls, Death’s Breaths, and possibly regular mats.

I have salvaged many of them and haven’t really paid much attention to the materials, but I don’t think I have seen Veiled Crystals yet.

Each one breaks down into one or more of those categories and the number of materials is different for each one.

Is it possible that you mistook Death’s Breaths for Veiled Crystals?

Here is what I got when I salvaged 3 of them.


So. Yeah i am almost sure i’ve seen crystals and not breaths but it looks like it actually gives different materials. I wanted to make a screen but in fact i salvaged all my windforce bows back then so i tried with 2h balista and it actually surprised me (even after witnessing your screen) this salvaging gave me gr keys, and i did obtain 4 of them but no crystals.
I dont know. Maybe i was mistaken after all… when i get windforce i can get rid off easily i’ll just bring screen shot there :slight_smile:
Thanks tho!

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I think the level of the Ethereal helps to determine what it can salvage into. I’ve only done so on level 70 items (because I cannot find them otherwise) and they’ve all given some weird amount of:

  1. death breath
  2. rift keystone
  3. forgotten soul

One of them gave all three, and like 100 of each (except keys which was 4.)