Ethereals: Add Voo's Juicer

It’d be appreciated if witch doctors can have Voo’s Juicer legendary power to the list of randomly selected elements. Here’s the thing…

Since The Barber has a randomized element, it makes more sense to have the Barber put in the cube instead of the Juicer. In addition, Voo’s Juicer does far more additional damage addition when held in the primary hand.

So, perhaps it would make more sense to either add Voo’s Juicer to the list it can give, or even outright replace The Barber’s legendary power, IMO.

Voos main advantage is the 60% skill damage, which wouldn’t translate to an ethereal in their current state. They did give WD ethereals a chance for the sacred harvester buff which is much easier to roll. As a WD player, you basically use Sacred Harvester for every build anyway so I think we’re one of the classes that benefits the most from Ethereals. I’d rather see them fix Lakumbas bracers so our toughness isn’t such a pain to maintain.