Ethereal can't be a set weapon. So it's not needed

99% barbarians play wind set. It uses 2 kinds of set weapons. Ethereals fail.
1000 storms monks use Shenlong set weapon. Ethereals fail.
Inna monks use set staff because +100% to pets. Ethereals fail.
Many crusaders use racehorse weapon set. Yeah, you got it.
Arachir WDs often use angry hen set. Yep.
Archon wizards use Chantodo weapon. Aha.

DH and necro are the ONLY ones for whom the season effect doesn’t turn into a complete joke.

Bliz, you really seem to try making every season worse and worse. We already had useless epileptic flashes, insignificant reshuffling of slots which did not give anything, season 23 you decided not to do a season at all… Now you decided to send players to search for 21 primal blings (which no one can do bth), so these blings will also be useless for almost all classes. And then they’ll wreck! Are you even serious? Guys. REALLY. Do you still want people to play D3 or you going strait for rough and scandalous closing of it because D2 and D4 are coming?

My suggestion.
We take ethereal shoe. We go to Kanai cube. Place it together with any other weapon including green ones. And bam, some magic, wrecks the ethereal and projects its power to the chosen weapon.

You might want to look at the PTR leaderboards.

Last time I looked there was a Barb with around 1350 paragon having cleared a GR130 in about nine and a half minutes. They were using an Ethereal Grandfather with the Ambo’s Pride power on it, with The Furnace in the Cube. The extra damage from the Ethereal is more than making up for the loss of Istvan’s Paired Blades / a 130% CHD emerald.


The OP isn’t playing D3, guaranteed.


You grabed out 3 sets that can be played whit set weapons, tho you don’t have to, and suddenly etherials are a fail. Congratulations.

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Glad you made a post where almost the entire thing is-post fails.

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Well it’s a good thing for you that players don’t go on the test realm and say ‘Well this build used a set therefore it always has to use a set and can never be replaced with anything else so I can’t experiment and find out an ethereal is better…moving on’