Essence of Anguish killing blow effect

This is definitely bugged, I’m casting like one twister at enemies and it’s just activating massive death blow effects killing everything in sight at GR’s I shouldn’t be able to clear. Now a lot of leaderboard clears that are not dual wielding make sense.

To be a little more helpful and specific I believe once I got conduit pylon many seconds after it wore off death blow effects just starting really going off everywhere.

EDIT: More info. Seems not to really happen on singles when others die around them but >paragon 800 throw together gear with 10k main stat should not be close to seeing 8-20,000T hits

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Deathblow mechanic:

Remaining monster health / weapon damage = %weapon damage

Deathblow proc, deal this %weapon damage to all enemies within 25 yards.

That’s why 1 shot crit hits clear groups, and high GR trash don’t. It’s limited by your max damage dealt, and their remaining health. Only with your damage being slightly higher than their remaining health can you maximize this effect. It’s also why I believe the flat 50% damage increase is better than the 75% elemental increase on the Anguish Shard.

100% INTENDED TO BE AMPLIFIED BY ANY “ALL DAMAGE” MULTIPLIER. Every damage proc in the game works this way.