Error connecting to

yeah the site loads fine, I can’t seem to get to any profiles today , although i could yesterday. However, no matter what i can’t even log into the site.

Read the linked post. There is no ETA for the profile page.

Not even log into site? I have no idea.

I mistyped, not “cache” but “cookie”.

Try clearing the cookie of your browser.

Yeah, I cleared everything, even tried logging in on a completely different computer with no history or data. thank you , I am willing to try any suggestion anyone has , i really appreciate the help

I read somewhere that it can take time for things to catch up when you change your BTag.

That would make sense, maybe it will be resolved at season turnover. It’s been at least a few weeks.

You may try with your old tag if you still remember.

It doesn’t work like that. Blizzard login is for both domains. So there is no way for me to log in with the old gamer tag. Log in is based on email address not gamer tag.

I meant your profile link:
Replace the tag ID with the old tag ID. Use “-” to replace “#”.

ok so that is interesting, I can see my data under my old gamer tag but still can’t log in lol

side question do you know if there is a ptr version of profiles ?

The change of battle tag is done by other team, not by D3 team. So, D3 support can’t help you. (And we don’t know how to contact that team.)
It may take some time to fully migrate to the new battle tag. In the meantime, use the old link until the new tag is fully activated. (may take days to months, no idea.)

No, none I know.

So basically the profile page is still linked to my old gamer tag so I’m guessing the old login information is still being stored in diablo3 site and isn’t matching up with the current user info.

I don’t know how handles login.

But if you just want to view profile, you don’t need to login at all.

I get that, but the data is not up to date. I’m sure there are some advantages to logging in aside from that. The point is that the login is broken and needs to be fixed.

Not just you. The data is not synchronized to the website in realtime.
I believe it is taken from the archive database rather than live.
We don’t know how often the data is synchronized to the website, sometime few seconds, sometime days. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hello again,

thank you for taking the time to look over my ticket. However, I understand the the profile pages have been fixed. I also understand that it may take some time for my profiles to update. These things are accepted and understood. The problem i STILL have is that I am unable to log in trough this domain again i can not log in to the site , this is the issue I am having. I would like everyone to focus on that and forget about if the profile page loads right or not. Could you or someone on your team please address the fact that i can not log in to that site? thank you again for your time and help.

Hello all:

I think it would be useful if you could link a screenshot to illustrate what the issue is…

To link a screenshot :

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Heya Mike,

Lets try a password reset. This should force the account to refresh and pull new account data on the next login attempt.

Let us know if this works for you.

I had tried that already,

Here is a link to login before and after
Lol this thing won’t let me add links so here is the ID for imgur if anyone is interested in looking at them but it’s simple. When I attempt to log in it says “an error has occurred please try again” and gives me the option to log out lol

Hey, MikeMixter! I see the problem here and it does appear that the correct account is being logged into. I see both the old tag and the new tag on the account.

I was able to replicate the same error in the screenshot when logging into an account without the D3 license, while one with it logs in just fine. It seems that the website database does not detect the new BattleTag yet, causing all of these issues. When changing BattleTags, it can take quite a bit of time before the changes are fully pushed, more so then the normal profile updates.

It’s not ideal, but we’re pretty limited on what support can do here. This isn’t much of a technical issue that technical support agents can address. Rather, this is a website bug and waiting may be the best option here to see if after maintenance and resets are performed since the 2/21 update on the armory profiles may fix up this issue and get the website up to date with the correct information. It’s best to #bug-report forums so our team can look into this and relay this forward to our Diablo 3 Armory team.

one thing I saw yesterday when I try’d to login and play it said connection lost to server client. it was really odd when it said that. I have been playing for years and I never had a problem till now and yesterday. :slightly_frowning_face: