Entering game, and SSF queue / license bugs

Happens quite a a lot lately, 29th season, the most.

*Upon starting game, stuck in menu, while hovering ‘start game’ button it says ‘entering game’.

*Same as above, after leaving game and in menu.

*In SSF mode, upon starting game, or after leaving game, in menu, getting ‘failed to enter game’ error and then when retrying it goes into queue and then error ‘can’t load license’.

Like very often… annoying at best…


p.s. is D4 any good vs D3???

Yeah this is happening to me a lot as well

Also caused me to lose my Challenge Rift cache

There were some of these problems for many players a week or so ago. For me, in the EU region, it helped if I quit the game and restarted (via the launcher).
Just this evening I had to repeat this a couple of times.