Enhance the crafting system

Dear devs:

As a console player (ex PC), I have been playing for 4 years, and even though the crafting system had some improvements in the past, those never reached console edition.
I just ask to improve it, is really annoying progressing with time consuming crafting or gem upgrading.

I hope some Dev can look at this post.

Seems fair… I also think rolling at Kadala is a more frequently used task that is exceedingly tedious.

Should be able to click once to fill inventory with roles for a chosen slot.

They could give us a quality of life and give us a number of how many, like on PC they can pick the number of how many of X crafted items they want to make. Kadala is simple just press A faster. :smiley:

It’s doing just that which is a PITA.

RSI Heaven for a hundred or so presses every 2 minutes.

Right, but that costs money. Blizz aint got time fo dat.