Enforcer gem for Mystic Ally

I don’t get it. WHY is everyone using the Enforcer Gem with Mystic Ally? With the 4 piece set, mysic allies do not take damage, so the 90% damage reduction is not the case. I thought that the pet damage of the stone did not work on Allies. Did this change or is everyone just following the monkey on the leaderboard?

My understanding (I use the gem) is that it’s for the damage bonus to pets (allies) and not for the damage reduction bonus. One could also use a build with Tasker and Theo’s (perhaps) and get a similar bonus to ally damage.

ARGHHHHHH!!! My bad, this was with mirror images where the gem does not work with damage, NOT Mystic allies. Thanks for the explanation

Additionally, the 90% reduction does work with complanions…so you don’t need the immunity focus