Ending Bots With D2R <Critical>

Enabling Admins to check on bot games will only lead to Closed Bot-Games which are password restricted. How do you want to check those?

I think the droprates of HR´s are fine now. Found 2 Ohm some Vexes and saw a Zod dropping ad Dia (didnt get it tho :P) in just 3 Months of Playing.

Main problem imo is people who aren´t patient and want to have best gear instantly. Only way to satisfy those people is make bosses drop Jah or Ber at every kill.

Seis can’t drop Ist in Nm

Was ‘near’ seis, not from him.

Yea, Um is highest rune that Lord De Seis can drop in Nightmare. Was meaning other monsters near him! :slight_smile:

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They don’t stop bots in WoW, they don’t stop bots in Diablo 3 or Diablo 2. They WONT stop bots in D2R, don’t get your hopes up it isn’t going to happen. Anytime you get some glimmer of hope just remember how foolish this line of thinking is. Will some bots get banned? Sure. Will lots of bots get banned? Probably. Will Blizzard stop the bots? No.

I actually wonder if any of the people asking for bots to be dealt with have played D2 ladder at all. Because hitting 99 would be impossible without a bot and some of the items would be impossible to find, and if they were found they’d be mega expensive. You can thank bots for being able to buy a nigma, hoto, and even an anni.

Many people hit 99 legit each season.

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I’ve hit 99, and made 2 legit enigmas. Never botted or even used maphack for either.

Also, hoto, really? Hoto isn’t rare I find multiple vexes pretty much every month I’m playing solid.

If you don’t work or do anything in life. You’re lying obviously because here’s the math. …Start Level \ End Level \ Baal Runs \ Total Baal Runs
90 \ 91 \ 20 \ 20
91 \ 92 \ 30 \ 50
92 \ 93 \ 45 \ 90
93 \ 94 \ 60 \ 155
94 \ 95 \ 110 \ 265
95 \ 96 \ 210 \ 475
96 \ 97 \ 450 \ 925
97 \ 98 \ 1100 \ 2025
98 \ 99 \ 3500 \ 5525

You misunderstood the point I was making.

I don’t think you construed it very well.

6 months is plenty of time to hit 99, it can be done even without nolifing. Plenty of people have hit 99 legit even with full time jobs.

And yes, botting damages the economy, I just think your examples were a bit lacking.

6 months of playing 8 players CnB runs for HOURS? You’d need about 62 days of CnB 8 player games but that’s give or take 7 hours a day of game time. Botting didn’t damage the economy, botting made it flourish. You said you made 2 legit nigmas when my post was about how easy it would be for EVERYONE else to get a nigma and the cost of nigma bcs of botting vs without bots.

There are a lot more efficient ways to hit 99 than just Baal runs…

Other than CnB there isn’t any other legit better way of getting XP

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It took me about 1.5 years to complete lvl 99 character with very casual approach. If I’d have to give you numbers, I’d say you would need anywhere 170 - 800 hours to get 1-99, depending on your build and amount of teamplay.

170 hours if when you are center of team and they leave you diablo/baal/nihilatak kills + hunt you XP shrines etc. For well geared and well played character that can do very fast baal/diablo/nihilatak runs I guess it would take ~250 hours, but if you want innovative builds, don’t have access to 8 player games or solo XP, it can skyrocket upwards to 800h for sure.

I was playing single player, 8 players game settings, 2:20 average Baal run times or 1:45 Diablo runs times and it took me about 250 hours with mixing those two targets. Bear in mind I had no deaths and no XP losses so if you screw up and die, or just die due to lag, it can cost you up to ~400 Baalruns per death on lvl 98.

There is a lot more to this but this will give you rough idea of what it takes. It’s not something anyone can do (people that can do it are broken in head, believe you me).

Even at your extreme of near 800 hours, that’s still only 30 hours a week, can easily be done on top of a full time job.

Your assertion that only bots get to 99 in a ladder season is just simply wrong, no other way to say it.

Now on Classic, that’s absolutely true.
LoD isn’t nearly as difficult to hit 99 as you’re making it out to be.

Based on your numbers of 1.5 years, 250 hours, you were only playing about a half hour, on average, per day.

No one is saying casuals can do it in a ladder season, but it isn’t hard for seasoned gamers. Legit players hit 99 all the time in LoD.

I definitely did no assert that ONLY bots get to 99, when I clearly stated “If you don’t work or do anything in life” to your statement of hitting 99 during a ladder reset.

That is a fallacy. The dog determination, the singleness of mind to level asap to 99, is how civilization and everything in it was created, including Diablo II. It’s the mind set that sends a person to greatness in whatever endevour they choose. Without it, even as hunter gathers, we’d be extinct. That said, a person would be better off focusing such mental energy on a successful business or career, heck, even a food garden would be time better spent.

It’s based on the math done by the community. DII net and D2JSP


I was clearly speaking on your fallacy of the mind set of people who 99.