End S29 early or add Altar of Rites back mid-season

This season is so boring it feels like ActiBlizz told them to make a bad season so D4 looks good in comparison.


As we are 60 days into the season, I was reading the latest patch notes again this morning, as I remembered that the devs said that next seasons will be roughly 3-month long. But I remembered badly: seasons will be roughly 3-month long… “following season 30”. So no idea how long season 29 is going to be…

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They won’t bring back the Altar mid-season. They’ve already confirmed it will be modified when it does come back and those changes need testing.


Probably going to be a 110ish day season as 90 days would be right before their Holiday break so no chance.
Then S30 will proceed with 90 days and thereafter.

There is good news for those that actually are still playing this season for whatever reason in that they could give us holiday gifts and maybe super buff the forgotten soul portion to balance out the S29 theme. Hell I might log on again and do a last push if they did that.

But yeah there’s no way they would add in Altar mid season, that would basically be like starting a new season as everything would change.

Most likely we will enter the Darkening of Tristram event by new year’s eve with Season 29. Stop daydreaming about any drastic middle season changes. Most we’ll ever get would be double goblins or horadric caches.

People who leave the season once they’re done with the Season Journey already have left. As it happened along 28 seasons 'till the current one, people have left this season too, as expected. You may want to play more, but all this season is good for getting statistics and metrics for developers to get ready for next one like any other season.

You all wanted a permanent feature, and now you’re all complaining about the process of making it balanced. Season 29 adds SSF mode permanently AND promises the return of Altar by the next Season with big balance changes so they need statistics and information about player capabilities one last time.
This is why they didn’t go too crazy with power creep with this Season theme. They need information about the subtle implementation of Altar without making player power levels out of control at the base game. They will get metrics along a few months and you’ll get what you want in the end as promised.

Opening threads on Season end, is like the equivalent of asking “are we there yet?” constantly along the whole car trip with your family. However, you have the luxury of leaving the car anytime you want and return once they arrive though. You can install another game and play it. No one forces you to stick to one game. Although it’s a showcase of passion, it is sure past its due date if you are bored with the current Season already.


Are we there yet? Please say we are there.

You should thank them. This season gives people a good excuse to play other games, get some exercise, maybe talk to humans IRL, etc.


I really hope there is some re-balancing in D3’s future.

No need to hope, there will be some form of balancing happening for Season 30:

What the Future Holds: A Message from the Diablo III Team

Valiant Nephalem have hack-and-slashed hordes through Seasons introducing gameplay-alerting themes, experience-defining quality-of-life updates, and hellastic events for the last 11 years. Diablo III will continue to burn bright in Season 29 and beyond—this Season sets the bedrock for the game’s future and introduces our final brand-new theme.

Season 30 will bring fresh gameplay balances and bug fixes to reinvigorate your adventures but introduce no new theme. Instead, this Season will usher in the permanent return of a community-favorite theme, Rites of Sanctuary, which will be playable across all modes. Following Season 30, iconic themes and features from Seasons past will be reintroduced roughly every 3 months, ensuring there will never be a shortage of twisted obstacles to overcome and demonic blood to spill.


I doubt they even put in the effort. There’s almost nobody playing Diablo 3 anymore. There are 10 x more people playing D2:R and they just blew that season 5 off with no changes. I’m pretty sure everything is going to be ignored for the time being (all hands on deck trying to rescue D4).

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Why does it have to be tested? The only thing that was a problem with the Altar was getting the Staff. There were no other problems with it that I could remember.

People complain about the lower Paragon. But wait we still have people at 800 paragon doing 150 GR’s. So why do we need all this Paragon if you are still doing 150 GR’s???

They should keep the paragon system they have now. Not saying to limit to 800. But leave it to where we can put the paragon where we want.


Because it’s very much not fun to play for hours on end and have nothing to show for it.

The altar will become baseline. That in itself is Imo a problem as it will be combined with other themes. It, I hope at least, should receive heavy nerfs.