EN Death 's and posible fix?

First of all, i’ve done already maybe like 60 or 70 EN in softcore and you die sometimes and there is NOTHING in the ground, i went HC and had friend dying “staying on the side” we killed pack of elites and something killed him, why would you punish people so bad with a season theme? let us res in town or put shield back or even add 1 cube extra slot to fix this mess or ethereal weapons.
2nd of all 800 paragon and i got 1 key so far
1700 paragon SC and i got maybe 10


So… you have no actual idea for a fix, yet imply your post contains one.


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you can read it again “Let HC players revive in town or put a shield back like it was on PTR” because people quitting HC or not even doing EN because of randoms kills ( even thought there was nothing on their screen")

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SC is ------------------------->

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I won’t do another one.

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I’m playing SC this season for the fact that death occurs in EN. My toon has died 4 times, 3 times multiplayer in EN. There was no way I was playing HC this season due to this flaw with EN. It’s not worth the risk. EN is not really worth it for the little bit of paragon levels I get, even almost maxing out at 150 with multiplayer. What a waste of a season theme.

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That’s the reason people play HC is the fear of dying. We already have 2 cheat deaths (follower and your own) adding any more would be more like SC.

I remember the days when you died in HC, you lost EVERYTHING. Character, all your loot, progression. You really had to start from scratch.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like some of the changes they made, like keeping your paragon progression and all the loot in your chess, but I don’t think we need to make it any more saves and make it more like SC.

Just my thoughts.


Yes you die and i love it! It really gets ur adrealin up and feeda the needs for playing hardcore. in so sick of all the wannabe hc players that complain​:joy::joy: just go softcore if you are scared and casual noob

But then its not hardcore.

Unlike a challenge rift where you don’t play your own character, you are playing your own character.

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When you’re in danger of dying…

  • in a Nephalem Rift, you can run away from the mobs and teleport to town
  • in a Greater Rift, you can run away from the mobs and teleport to town
  • in a Bounty, you can run away from the mobs and teleport to town
  • in an Echoing Nightmare, you have to run around and hope not to die before the overwhelm because there’s no way out to safety other than the event ending or dying
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Everything in HC is about “risk vs. reward”. I didn’t think the rewards from EN would be worth the risk so I avoided them all season. Then, after gathering about 20 primal screams, I decided I better see what all the fuss is about. So I started up a normal toon of the same class/build and leveled it up to about p600 and ran some ENs. The overwhelm mechanic is amazingly easy to use as an “out”. You’ll probably want to gear up your toon specifically to run EN. All the maps are small and some have horrible choke points. I recommend Illusory Boots in the cube so monsters can’t corner you and explode you to death. Or if you have a build like Firebirds with infinite teleport or DH vaults. Yes, it sucks there is no “guaranteed” exit but the rewards are crazy good. Even a “failed” EN can get you a 110+ Whisper to add 550+ points of augment. And the XP and loot drops are crazy good. Anyone who plays HC and doesn’t take advantage of the EN is taking the slow, painful way to level their toons. Learn the mechanics and take advantage of them. It’s now part of the game and you’d be foolish to pass up the rewards.


I know there are varying levels of seriousness here and there’s plenty more I could have done to research the Echoing Nightmare. I know I’m a fairly casual player.

All that being said, the rising difficulty can really catch one off guard, especially the first time around. I get dying is dying, but it would be prudent to flash HC players with some warning asserting that death in EN is just that… permanent. I’m not sure why I thought it was like the set dungeons, and no one else is at fault but me for entering the EN rift or whatever. In the future when a new feature like this is introduced, it would be really swell to just confirm for us idiots out here that we’re risking it all on something that will, at some point, intentionally overwhelm your toon. Just popping that up once on your first go around would make a big difference. In hindsight, it does seem obvious that yes my toon will die, but at the time it didn’t. Thanks for your consideration.

I like EN’s. Yes, they are dangerous and I’ve lost two characters running them, but the rewards well worth it. It’s the fastest, easiest way to get 125 augments. I have 28 - 125 Augment gems and a some less level augments I used on my seasonal characters. I save my 125 Augments for my normal HC characters so I can push.

For some reason Keys drops on HC is a lot better than SC, at least for me. Also, getting another character geared is pretty easy. I always have extra gear waiting in the wings in case one dies. I’m playing Barbarian, so an even a nominally geared WW barb is very capable on reaching 125 in EN. Run like H**L and hit all the pylons at 90 -100. When you hit 125 stay on the outside edges until you get overwhelmed and the rift ends.

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