Echoing Nightmare will become permanent - Official

Nothing wrong about EN. It’s the fudgin screams. Those keys drop like my grandma in 0 gravitiy.

Maybe, however since they announced it now, it doesn’t seem like it needed that much time to test in season in order to see if it could be added permanently.

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That does not indicate that you needed 2 seperate posts beside the official one. Just shows that some read yours instead.
And the rules of this forum is = do not clutter with the same subjects.

It was expected, but I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Quick augments are good, but it also means that seasons will last far shorter for people who only play for the season journey. Thus, without a good theme, fewer people are going to be playing past the opening weekend.

And as a person who likes to go after conquests, it now means that any time we see the 3 gems to 65, that conquest is purely an RNG conquest now. Skill can’t compensate for a group that just happens to get lucky early in the season.

I always thought they were going to keep it. ENs actually worked in non-season on PTR. They had keys in one of the bags. I kept wondering why ppl were making seasonal characters to try it, lol.

When I posted, there was none on the same subject to my knowledge. There was a link to the 10th anniversary post and not a single post to summarize that link.

There was. An official one from blizzard themselves.

People can read the article and find the same answers. Making 2 seperate posts on top of this just to highlight the same… Well that is spam/clutter.

True or false. That offiicial Blizzard post on this forum said that EN would be permanent.

I link that post here:

Where in that post does it mention EN or do you need to click on “View Full Article” which is in fact a blog post not on this forum per se?

Blizzard made an official post an there is an article where you can read, what you wrote 2 seperate posts about. In which is the same. Therefore clutter. Therefore was reported.

The fact is that the two threads were distinct topics:

  1. EN becoming permanent
  2. Double bounties being a mid season buff.

I know the forum rules well as I have been TL3 for >2,5 years.

The same was found from Blizzard themselves and people discuss way more there for the 2 topics. Clutter reported still.

Well, your posts about clutter are also clutter and a derailment of the thread.
edit: I won’t report you. You throw enough flags for both of us. :slight_smile:


They look at the head of the clutter, which was the post made 2 times on top of an official one. Since Op is also jumping on to reply me, his case is worse.

I have just confirmed that double bounties are now available on S26.

So, is the EN available non-season now? Or will it be available after S26?

No idea about EN on non-seasons. I know some have run a few non-season GRs without getting a scream but that could be because it is not there yet or just a function of the lowish drop rates. If in non-seasons, someone will post.

Like you, I did a few double bounty runs in S26 but I have not messed with non-season.

I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t cross over. It would be like the season only legendaries that crossed over when we had season only legendaries.

Do you have any idea about whether petrified screams and atonement gems will rollover to non-seasons or when EN will be introduced in non-seasons (Now, soon, end of season 26, next patch…)?

No, I don’t know. I was unaware of any of this until the blog came out. I am outside on the deck so can’t even really hit up discord and ask. I will at some point though if they don’t clarify before I get to ask.

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Thanks for looking into this if we do not get a clarification.

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