Easy Witch Doctor Fix

I am truly amazed. The worst thing about all of those nerfs… The developers have stated that they are against the support/zdps playstyle and will not be supporting it. BUT, they destroy the zWD and leave the Zbarb/ZDH/Zmonk/Znec untouched. They could easily adjust skills/items to destroy those builds as well.
Maybe I shouldn’t have said that? I don’t want them to destroy those builds and then the entire forum will blame me!!! HAHA!


The worst part is that patch was the day the grin Reaper died. Also to add salt to the wounds what does blizzard do a few seasons down the road? Oh that’s right they add the Odysseys end change. 150% damage buff from all sources feeding the zdh to a brand new hight. Blizzard hates support, now that’s funny.

  1. Soul harvest is removed
  • All WD players now passively gain the effects of both soul harvest and the “languish rune”, so +15% intel and the armor buff
  • Equipping Lakumba’s Ornament also gives 60% DR to the WD at all times
  1. Ring of Emptiness is Removed
  • All damage-dealing WD skills now do +300+ (additive) damage except for fetish sycophants and fetish army

Anything less than these changes is another band-aid on a class that’s a crippling mountain of band-aids at this point.

You can buff every WD build by 20 tiers, add in all the S27 powers permanently, and the class is still extremely unfun to play. Trying to enjoy the WD is like a fist coming out of your monitor to periodically punch you in the face while yelling “ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET!?”


The other funny part is zdh is rather easy to play, zwd on the other hand required lots of timing and positioning in order to maximize its effectiveness. So I really don’t understand the changes they made there

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What do you guys think about extending the range of locust swarm and making the effect more of a cone shape?

Actually if WD got those buff’s I would love playing the class by far the most. I enjoy the first flying at my face, call me a masochist if you will but the builds that require consideration are the ones I find the most enjoyable. Most of the time that is.

You could make it permanent screen wide and it wouldn’t change the issue that EVERY non-fetish WD build requires locust swarm on their bars or wormwood in their cube.

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Still eats up a slot and times out without the passive. Pestilence already spreads it fast enough but it’s not the issue IMO.

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I should have been more specific, after the changes Jalantha proposed. Which I do love the sound of.

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WD mechanics are soooo outdated is one major reason

Necro vs WD pets: 10 mages vs 3 gargs
-Mages can pass thru things, attack ranged
-Mages dont have ROE and other dependences, even with the old Rathma set (Set power = number of mages, dont need to Apply “necrosis” via Grasp, or ROE buff

Long CDR vs other classes
-Spirit walk 12 sec vs Bone Armor 10 sec
-Grave injustice is powerful, but in pushing you need to kill to get CDR, its like a vicious cycle…

++many other issues

Doubt we will see changes…dont know why Blizz hates WD so much :sweat_smile:


Yes, that overall points to the fact that necro design was an improved version of WD. They collected the WD feedback, applied most of it to the necro, charged a price for it, and then ignored the WD class.

  • command skeletons are better version of zombie dogs
  • risen mages are better version of gargs
  • no debuff dependency for necro, curses boost your damage, but the difference is not massive
  • bone armor is better version of soul harvest

I applaud all of you guys. I wish I could get this much support on my Crusader thread. It saddens me when people see a problem but just sit idlily by.


For what it’s worth I enjoy multiple crusader builds like invoker, valor FOH, the new akkhan, and the LOD builds.

The crusader class is absurdly cooldown and CDR Dependent top to bottom, but I don’t need to play a piano with awkward mechanics to both farm and push GR.

For crusader I like thorns, but yeah shame they didn’t get much attention too. I was excited for last seasons patch to summon an army but it didn’t pan out well.

Which phalanx rune did you try? Bowmen or Shield Bearers. I ask because I tried both and Bowmen are very weak, and Shield Bearers practically gave me carpal tunnel in 1 GR.
The Sader has many issues both skill based and itemization. I will not try to compare the two. They both need some attention.

Bowmen. It’s really awkward that the akkhan build gives me permanent Akarat’s Champion (the main point of stacking CDR), but I still need to stack CDR anyways because bowmen have a cooldown.

The cooldown dependence on crusader is a problem for me because the D3 UI is horrible for tracking cooldowns. If I’m staring at my action bar for cooldowns, then I’m not paying attention to any number of mechanics that can 1 shot me.

D4 is repeating this zero UI mistake as well, and the community is somehow silent about it.


They could have at least apply the changes to WD lol
Should be buy one get one free

It took them…24 seasons?? to fix Lacumba+Harvester? :sweat_smile:


If you think that is awkward - DO NOT try shield bearers, haha - Like I said carpal tunnel!

Never did try it actually, after seeing how it played out in ptr and early season I decided against it. I felt like it was just going to be another heart break lol.

Even necro is a let down to some degree for me, as strong of a class it is. The army is actually really weak in almost every case. I was hoping for a build on some class where the army does decent damage, but in the end they all mostly just sit there till you use a nuke skill or 2

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You made a wise decision. I agree, although, I do enjoy Rathma, the pets are only multipliers for your damage with AoTD. I, like you, wanted a pet build in which the pets actually did the damage.