Dumb Question on paragon 800

First of all, I know this must have been addressed earlier in the season and I apologize if I’m repeating the question.

I just came back to D3 to do the season 29 journey on SSF and noticed there is a cap on 800 paragon points. I guess my question is: What’s the point to grinding any more paragons? Do we get something for each paragon point after 800?

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Hey, nope there is no benefit of grinding more paragon after para 800 in this season.

Thanks Exalted. Well, I guess I’m done. Took me all but two days to get Guardian and now what? Wait for season 30? :confused: I guess go back to D4.

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You get XP. That still will be added in full to your total non-season XP once S29 ends.

That’s about it.


Thanks Kirottu. Can’t imagine a lot of people will continue to play for no rewards other than farming better gear and climb the leaderboards. I like the option to use the paragon points the way they have it now. I don’t like the hard cap on 800 though.

Cy next season if D4 doesn’t improve.

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You grind Visions till your fingers go numb from all the picking up of ‘amazing’ loot!

Common…it’s fun or at least someone thought it would be :woman_shrugging:

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Hi Argos, as far as the cap goes you are covered with answers.

What I wonder is if you have realized a new change to the paragon attribute point distribution?

We can now use 200 points in each category on one specific one. Or mix for that matter.

Example you could raise the cool down reduction by 200 points etc.

That is one thing to play around in order to see how much you can push a favorite build this season.

Hope it helped.

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This is true.

Typically, the UE build I’m running this season pretty much requires CDR, however, due to using an Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, since the UE build can throw a lot of damage with Multi-shot, that ring gets triggered a lot (reduce the remaining cooldown of one of your skills when you hit with a resource spending attack)

Some what negates the need for CDR, so I actually don’t put any points into it in the Paragon section currently.

Now, if I was using Crimson’s set, yeah, I would put more into it. But can’t craft it this season with my SSF ruleset. lol

Now, once I find a better ring to cube (CoE) or force a need to change gear around, then CDR will be needed again.

but you get to grind for necessary ancestral and primals even more than other seasons

Yes Stedia, I saw that. Still, it doesn’t give you much incentive to keep playing. I’ll stick with it for a while since D4 is even slower at the moment. Thanks

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I think the Paragon system would be a lot better with double the cap and double the amount of points you can put into the boards.

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