Dps problem whit season 24

this season i am playing demon hunter (hungering build) and 2 days ago i noticed that if i hurt an enemy my damage is halved. as soon as I don’t hurt he’s back. looking at my friends at them does not do. I made a new character even then, using other items as well as without items. but my non-seasonal demonhunter character did not show this problem. their reply in advance i thank you

I’m going hazard a guess at…


Gain 4% Critical Hit Chance every second. This bonus is reset 1 second after you successfully critically hit.

Whilst you’re stood in town, this will raise your Critical Hit Chance to 100%, which will be reflected in the damage value on your character sheet. However, as soon as you land a critical hit, your critical hit chance will be reset back to its normal, base value. Whilst in combat, if you have roughly 50% CHC, you’ll be lucky if this passive gets you more than 4% extra CHC due to how often you’ll be landing crits.

Pick a different passive. If this is the passive you got on an ethereal weapon, just know that the damage value shown whilst you’re in combat is your actual damage and when you’re stood in town, it’s being vastly inflated / mis-reported.


Or you can use that number to estimate your damage to frozen enemies. :cold_face:

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Thanks for the answer, I didn’t notice that. And I didn’t notice that my friends didn’t have this passive skill set on the character. sorry for the wrong report.( sorry my bad english)

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